How many people live near Omaha, Nebraska?

How many people in flyover country would be interested in getting together for food and drinks to celebrate the code release? It could be the start of a Blender User Group (BUG?). :smiley:

I belong to OLUG (Omaha Linux User Group) and there might be some interest there as well.

How far is Lawrence, KS from there?

I live in a suburb of KC, MO. The drive wouldn’t quite be that far, but I have plans on the code-release weekend. Also I am not of legal age so I can’t drink. Thanks, though. I don’t think that there are that many Blender users in the Midwest, though.


I am looking for a person in this part of the country to help me provide blender expertise for a (minorly) humanitarian purpose.

Post a reply or email me at [email protected].


Well i don’t live in Omaha, actualy I’m about 8 1/2 hours from there. In Lyons KS. Thou I was just in Omaha about a month ago for a production. You might of seen some posters or articles in the paper on it, The Prarie Nutcracker. Anyway it’s something that my dance teacher started, and I got dragged into it :-? As my whole family is invovled with the studio.

How often do you make it “up north?” You much of a Blender freak?

Me or someone else? If your talking to me. I usualy get to go to Vermont about once every two or three years :s But other then that, not to much.