How many pixels


I havent a clue where this should go so I suppose here is suitable.

Anyway, does anyone know how many polygons a computer of say

512 Ram
128Mb graphics card radeon 9500

can display while keeping 20+ Fps at 800 x 600 or so. ?

As I am planning on making a more realistic version of RTW And I am trying to work out how many polygons models should have. I am hoping to have upto 20 000 models on screen at once, and that = around 1 800 000 polygons at minimum, I was just wondering if that is an achievable number.

Bear in mind there will be a fair bit of computing in the background.

by the way the FA:107 (can get it down to 90) is the number of polygons is it not? (the last 3d program I used said faces instead of polygons and this is the same I think…)

Usually it’s not the number of faces in the corner when you export to a game, because games use triangles and blender uses triangles and quads and others.
1 million polys plus sounds too high, but look into things like LOD and of course culling.

I am going to use LODs the 90 face man is my maximum distance Lod, I was just wondering if 2 million polygons was excessive, I suppose I should go to Sprites at over 100 meters.

As I am planning on doing a more realistic, but much worse looking probably :rofl: ripoff of RTW, I need alot of people on screen, plus addons like scenery, war engines, baggage trains and such, so It will probably be a fairly (computing power wise) demanding game regardless…

You are going about this the wrong way. You need to start with the game itself and not the technological feasibility.

Storyboard your game and think about what you want to have happening on screen at once. When designing a sandbox game like GTA or battlefield you are to be a bit more loose minded and dynamic in what you think the player might be seeing and doing at any one time.

In UT2004 the average player model is as high as 2000 three sided polygons. After a map design has been comissioned and created you must then go back, asses the arena, look at choke points, and points of interest for example if there is an area on a deathmatch map that attracts a lot of players to that area, you may be attracting to many thus increasing the amount of polys on screen, you could decrease that amount by making ammendants to the scenery and adjusting the balance of a map/arena.

in short control the games performance by controlling the players actions. This is games design!