How many polys in a scene?

Just wondering. What would be the ve and fa count for a game scene before it would start to slow down?

You could have one 150000 poly or so object, or about 50 1000 poly objects. There’s a small problem with the BGE which means fewer, more poly objects is better than many few poly ones.

The polycount is one of the lots of factors that could change how good the game will run, specially on BGE, I think that there is no magic rule here, you need to optimise everything in order to make it run well, blender game engine is a trick program if you get deeper into it you ll see that there are a lot of things that you need to do in order to have good results in your game.
About what sdf said, I think that its true, if you have 200000 of polygons on the scene but you see only 5000 the framrate ll be one if you have 200000 and you see 150000 your framerate ll be completelly different and this on the same scene so you have to cool down your scene the best as you can because there ll be two main things that you have to think about the game when it is running, if your scene is big have lots of polygons and materials, this ll be stored on the RAM and the shadding data ll be processed with the processor, so if the graphic card have few Ram but can process all the shadding data you ll experience sloowdowns while turn the camera around, but if you have lot of RAM and your graphic card could not process the shading data, you ll have smoth turnings but lower framerates.

I hope this helps.