How many publisher Owners are there.

(mthoenes) #1

Anyone know how many publisher licenses Nan sold? Just curious.


(dickie) #2

there’s me.

i think macke bought one.

(d0pamine) #3

me too!

(Pablosbrain) #4

me three

(M-M) #5

Me also.

(Hammer6) #6


(wavk) #7

I’m a lucky guy!


(Green) #8

I have one.
Got it for free though.
(blenderleague deal)

(paradox) #9

Me too. I was thinking the same thing about how many on this board had publisher.


(djfuego) #10

And Meeeee!

(djfuego) #11

So I guess we all get together and make a game now.

(VelikM) #12

I got it when it first came out with the special pricing.
I love my Booleans!

(mthoenes) #13

Well, so far that is eleven of us. I hope there are more. Anone have online tutorials for the new features in 225. Would anyone like tutorials? Subject suggestions please.

(Timothy) #14

I got publisher for free aswell for Blenderleague purposes.

(slikdigit) #15

I got it too.
I thought there’d be more… maybe most people aren’t on this forum.

(dmoc) #16

Me, and I’m none too happy at the moment but if other Publisher owners are interested in a joint venture then let me know.

(Ren) #17

Me ,too . I got it in the starting price time .
I had great trust in NaN

projects are wellcome anyway


(ilac) #18

I got it at the discounted starting price too :slight_smile:

Then won a refund in the NAN live competition a month later - the one with the REALLY small turnout of competitors! I really wish more people had competed :frowning:

(3Dre) #19

I also bought the publisher (company license).

We still use it…



(quiss42) #20

I’ve got publisher too.

One question regarding this: Did anyone of you succeed in entering the Publisher Owners section at ?

Yes, it is there again… :slight_smile: …but still get no access, just an error message telling me that I’m using the wrong pass (what is wrong, of course - it’s the same I used before).

Nevertheless, before molestating them with my requests, I just wanted to check if anyone else came in.