how many serious UK blender users are there.

(steve343) #1

I was THINKING of setting up a small blender production house in cardiff.

BUT i havent got the guts, money or knowledge of blender to do so.

i was just wondering how many blender users are based in the uk and how many are serious enough to do it full time

(Kid Tripod) #2

i’m a deadly serious uk blender user.

(deadly), but in wales?
it would depend on the work

actually i’m serious enough to consider doing full time when i finish uni in a few weeks, but i want to see what Blender’s future is first (going open source would be good . . . a well trodden ground)

(steve343) #3

the advantage of blender is that it is free and the advantage of setting up a bessness between blender users is that they probably have there own comp (and blender works on lower spec pc’s).

so to start ur overheads would just be ur living costs for a while.

u could start with a childrens show do 1 episode and try to convince tv a tv company to fund u.

and then the skys the limit (maya, 3d studio max) of course never forgeting ur blender roots.

but i dont think im good enough YET but watch this space

(LethalSideP) #4

Yep, I’m a Brit (SWELLS WITH PRIDE) :smiley:

I’m gonna go into 3D animation ASAP, as soon as I can study it at university (currently 17), so yeah I’m serious.

Cardiff?? Yeesh, I live in Bucks. Bit of a commute to do every day!!! How bout London instead? :wink:


(metalmesoly) #5

You live in bucks!? then why london? :wink:

(beatabix) #6

Cardiff?? Yeesh, I live in Bucks. Bit of a commute to do every day!!! How bout London instead?

why london? animators locked away in their little worlds doing their stuff. why suffer the overheads of living in the capital?

that’s why the exeter animation scene is so huge. wales would be the perfect place for a studio. isolated and quiet, nice scenery, etc.

i once heard about a studio in scotland. to get there, you have to travel into the middle of nowhere, along several dirt tracks, until you reach a loch, with a small pier and a couple of rowing boats. the studio is on the other side of the loch, and it takes an hour to row there. now THAT’S isolated, but they don’t want it any other way.

sorry for ranting, i just don’t see why the industry has to be centered around the capital.

and steve343 -> it’s nice that you’re optimistic, but maybe you should try being realistic. this is a very competetive industry.


(steve343) #7

cardiff already holds some graphics and animating companies but to my knowledge no 3d animating. plus its pretty cheep to live (for a city).

(steve343) #8

beat i am being realistic look at my first post

i would at least add 2 years of serious experiance in 3d animation and do a bussness course before i tryied to set up a studio