How Many Versions of Blender Are You Running?

I’m currently running three versions of Blender for various reasons. I have 2.69.10 because it’s much faster with AMD GPU rendering. I’m running a MinGW 2.70 because it’s slower but still supports AMD GPUs. And I am also running 2.71 with OpenMP for my frequent fluid sims and for CPU rendering.

Is anyone else in a similar situation, with lots of Blenders for various uses?

Let’s see here… That will be, uh, 22 versions.

But I mostly just run a semi-current buildbot master.

professionals uses only the latest version!
if you dont use the latest, you are and amateur

Yeah, I have a mess of graphicall builds installed, but I only use 3 semi regularly. I’m rocking 2.71 rc2 as my primary because I’m too lazy to download the release. I have a recent graphicall build to check out the new features. And I have a pie menus build that I was playing with.

I would say it is the exact oppostite. “Amateurs” are the only ones using a single version :wink: If you are an enthusiast, you have separate braches with features not yet in trunk, perhaps a daily build with the latest, but also the latest offical release that is more stable. And if you are in a larger production it is not uncommon to stick with the version you used when you started to minimize any problems, even if it means that you will be a few versions behind in the end when the production is complete.

@GustavN! You gotta work on your sense of humor.:smiley:

I have to keep the EWOC preselection build around for its ease in editing meshes.
I have to keep 2.69 around for the warp tool’s last interactive warping version.
Gotta have the latest GSOC painting build!
And of course the latest from Buildbot, and Graphicall as well - because I be mores than professional!

Oh… I have a couple of builds but mainly for learning purposes… 2.48, 2.56, 2.61, 2.69, and latest stable build 2.71.

Mainly to see how much the UI has changed and sometimes to go with old tutorials.

2.49b for some importers, the current (now 2.71) and often the nightly build. In total 3.

DruBan: LOL, yeah well, I don’t have any friends for a reason :smiley:

Also, I just wanted to point out that I currently only have one version that I use, 2.71. So no one thinks I was like “you’re worthless if you don’t have at least 12 versions!!!” in my last comment.

As usual the 2 latest official release versions for comparision if something went unexpected and to check out what’s new and different. And of course 2.49b the version I started to use Blender.

And somtimes if I thought I discovered something new and I look back to the previous version to make sure it’s really new but it’s not, I also check 2.49b and it was allready in there.:smiley:

Before I switched computers I had 2.49 as well as 2.6-something (2.68 maybe? I dont remember). Now I only really have 2.71 RC, as it covers just about anything I want to do, and Ive almost never looked into addons/plugins(im a traditionalist like that)

2.49 (needed for some importers), a GSOC Paint Win64 build, and the latest version with coloured wireframes patched in. Probably have more sitting around, but these are the ones getting use atm.

Latest official + latest RC release, sometimes a buildbot with some features I want to try out!

I just run the latest official that way my tutorials and AddOns work for users and do not require anything special.

latest BF release (2.71) + 2.49 (for old rigs and animated characters).

Running = 2, Hoarding = About 12 :slight_smile:

I do about 95% of my work in an old graphicall build of 2.64 with OpenMP and some other stuff, mostly just because I am familiar with it, have a custom keymap that breaks with any other version and I have a bunch of useful scripts that are no longer supported.

Other than that I use 2.69 for dynatopo sculpting and I switch between some old GSoC/special builds for very specific stuff.

Was introduced to this with 2.68’ish, so don’t know (or rather, can’t remember) older versions than that. Blender wasn’t an option until Cycles came along, and I actually heard about it. Since then, I’ve been trying to just learn it, so I’ve stuck to latest official release, and release candidates. This time, I’ve also tried a couple of builds for upcoming version to check out a couple of new features (specular distribution models), but found them to be too unstable for me to use (node editor work crashing Blender). So I’ll probably just stick with official releases from now on.

about 4 different versions of 2.70.5 ish, 2.71, 2.71 hash 5aec61f and 2.69

Slightly off-topic: Someone remember the Instinctive Blender fork of Blender? I found out it can still be downloaded from here:
had some really cool extra feautures (warning, this is 10 year old blender)

and I kind of miss Tuhoppuu, the frankenstein fork of Blender…

As for what builds I use: Latest from, and Gert´s Preselection builds, which need to get into trunk!