how many verts should i have in a game??

hey, ive been wanting to make a game for a while now. i have started modeling my charecter and ive run into a problem. how many verts should i have in a game? my current charecter has 166. its really hard to vertex paint him, cuase hes harldy got any verts. i wold like to kno some of the numbers i should have, like how many for charecters, how many for guns, how many for ships, places etc.

uhh, as far as faces go a main character shouldn’t really have more than 500, and others more than 300

also the entire setting shouldn’t really exceed 1000 drawn faces at a time

but this is completely wrong if you expect people to have reasonable video hardware, but I usually wouldn’t expect that.

so as far as vertex count goes, I don’t have any recomendations

=O z3, those are really low numbers… but youre right, it all depends on the hardware… i consider my computer to be average.

i get an average of 18-20fps on most games

for my comp, good numbers would be 1000 or less faces for the main char, and anywhere up to 600 or 700 for enemies

and entire scene id say like 5000-6000 tops maybe, unless youre using some type of culling… you can save speed with texture size and limited alpha/add usage