How many women out there?

Ok the time has come, I’ve got to know. How many women are there in this community? I just hate being called a guy, people just assume that we are all MALE. Got news for you fella’s we are here, and we are GROWING in numbers :smiley:

You didn’t give me clearance to vote ‘boy’ in the poll.

I am 24, yet a far cry from a MAN!


Is that better? Now says male or female.

ME ME ME ME ME!!! I’m a girl! :smiley:

Well why isn’t there an option for “Pre-operative transexual” :<

What about me?? I’m not even 15 yet!

I can’t remember being 15 :frowning:

I can remember being a man :wink:

:o For once you said something funny.

Cubey I asked if that option existed for your sake.

Don’t start with me.

adds her name to the tiny tiny list of those lacking Y chromosomes

i’m a woman, muwahahhahaa we are taking over :<

If you must take over, can you go and kick Desoto-111?

Its nice that he took a perfectly lighthearted thread and made into something about me :slight_smile:

But the ladies NEED to take over around here. They know how to run things! (and now that doesn’t include kicking me Cubey).

blah blah blah

look I’m cubefan973/desoto-111 and my post count just went up AGAIN, woohoo I’ll be a monkey soon. LOL :wink:

Hey, I’m not out to increase my post count. I’m just trying to have fun and help out here and there with blender. If you want to mock me fine, but I don’t see a good reason for it.

lol before i even seen this post, desoto beat me to a reply FIVE times… hes got about 5-30 replies on every thread :wink:

If you want to mock me fine, but I don’t see a good reason for it.

mocking in itself is a good reason to mock… mocking can be fun and very entertaining… you should just play along and mock back, then you can reply over and over with retaliation remarks which would send any post count sky-rocketing :smiley: if you are not in this for a post count, perhaps you should visit other forums like “how to find a hobby”, or “better things to do with time than forums” :wink: :wink: mock mock… cmon, all in good fun… mock the monkey man who will be top poster in a few weeks

ooo, i did have a question though desoto, do u have a cable modem or dsl?? i cant imaging having a 80post per day record on a 56k modem, that might literally take all day and be very sad :stuck_out_tongue:

on response to the actual thread =D i wish there were more blender chicks, and that one would happen to live near me!

My brain is jacked directly into the Elysiun forums so I don’t have to type.

And if there were more ladies around here, nobody would care about my post count. Its not the size that counts. Its how you use it.

Well Blengine, as I said in the other thread that’s actually about me (for some reason), if the admins have a problem with me they can tell me themselves. I don’t need you telling me I’m not helpful. I’m just doing what I can to help out. If everyone votes to have me leave, fine, but so far you’re the only person who seems to really think anything badly of what I’m doing here.

Hey…in my mind I’m not going that fast. I’m just posting at the rate I type at comfortably. Its not like I’m racing you or anything. Is there a rule that says I have to post things slowly? I’m not trying to kill your infants.

banana_sock: Nice avatar!!! LMFAO he he!

ps: oh,i forgot why i replied… ah! yes,to say that i’m male. LOL