How: Movie->Image effect?

Hi, I am trying for the following effect and has no clue how to do it. Please help me if any body knows this. Basically I texture map an image onto color of the plane or cube and do some animation. At end of animation camera shows the plane and I want to morph this into the plane with texture map the same image in grey scale effecting both color, nor and disp. Can any one please tell me if this is possible to do in blender and how.

I dont know if you can do that in normal blender. To me that sounds like you would need to have what I would like to have in normal blender of multiple layers, or as I think they call it “nodes”. you would need the CVS version of blender to do multiple layers, but I have not done much with it, and am not sure if you can have it fade from like a color material picture to a greyscale material, but if you want to try, it may work. the link to where the cvs version is:

The only other so to say quick way, which may look the same even if you had 2 layers with the cvs version, would be to have 2 planes, one with the color version and one with the greyscale version, and have the color one’s alpha fade to reveal the greyscale version, when you need to transition to the other one.

try mapping all the textures on to the plane then use the IPO window to animate them. look for a tut on animating textures. cog has some on his site.