How much do you weight in Yoctograms?

Because there was a recent development of a scale that can do just that.

This thing is so sensitive that it can measure the weight of a single proton, something which might actually find a bit of use in the health industry.

Come to think of it, this is probably the first device of any kind that actually has any function that deals with such a tiny unit, now if only we have technology to create transistors that small for the ultimate super computer in a box (maybe in the 22nd century if we can even find particles that small :spin:)

How is this possible?!!!
Science is too crazy sometimes

I dont weight, Earth Gravity attract me, is its fault not mine…

The problem is that to be able to use this scale, you would require a very high vacuum. Weighing something precisely at a milligram scale, can be difficult, due to air flows, not to mention the brownian motion, which would no doubt have some significance at this level of precision.

True, how do you weigh something that is constantly moving?