How Much Does Blender COSTS????!!!!

hi every one ! No wait!!!:eek: This is NOT an offer from Autodesk Nor Avid Nor Microsoft…:confused:Just yesterday I was thinking if current blender was a commercial software , how much was its price , please tell me what you think .:yes:

Hummmm… A few hundred bucks and maybe extra for the game engine.

Maybe 700 Dollars.

But just a random guess :o

I’d say it’s at least on par with Maya Complete, so about $2000.

$2000!?!! I’d say $1000

Well, i bought a used Blender 2.34 in a flee market for about 100$
(kidding, of course)

i can’t tell because i never bought software, so i don’t know how they price them

Ouch, you got gipped!

Well it used to be (no if about it).

The source code cost the community €100,000. I have no idea it retailed for back then though.

Definately a 4 digit number

over nine thousand (guess the currency)

Nine thousand ZWD?

I think the only way to really get an idea is by features. It has dynamics, hair, cloth and fluids. To get that built into Maya you would need Maya Unlimited at $5000 plus a fluid simulator like Real Flow which is $2700 for a 2 cpu license. Since Blender is unlimited licensing the closest Real Flow has is a 16 CPU license for $6600. So right there you are at $11,600. A similar setup in XSI would cost $9600.

However, I think there is no argument that XSI/MAYA/Real Flow offer more features than Blender in terms of at least little niceties. And as many fluid sims as I have seen in Blender they are never to the level that Real Flow can achieve. So you would need to pare your price back from $9600 because while Blender meets or beats them on big features their implementation still needs work. Against standalone apps I would say $2000 would be fair as it would have more features than XSI or Maya Complete alone. Add fluids as a bonus or maybe another $500. That would still put it under 3dsmax but be a fair price. Also, you need to think of other things. I assume $2000 for Maya Complete gets you some kind of support from Autodesk, at least for a little while, where as for Blender you have to rely on the forums, for the most part. And Maya and XSI also ship in a fancy box, so there’s that.

Long and short $2000 - $2500.

I think it would be in the same price range as Lightwave or C4d (considering many 3d apps have dropped their prices down to more affordable/realistic/objective price tags), so it would be around $750-$900 US dollars. It would also be a price I’d gladly pay for it. :wink:

It would cost effectivly nothing, because if it were actually sold, it would be pirated, so as it is, it hasn’t so it isn’t.

Quoted for disagreement. If you were going to pirate software you would just pirate Maya Unlimited and a bunch of training. While I like Blender, I think many users turn to using it primarily because the “pro” apps cost so much. If Maya, Lightwave, et al were $100 I think you would see either many current users leave, and/or far fewer new users. This isn’t a dig at Blender’s capabilities, UI, or even use in “pro” shops, there is a lot of training out there for other apps and many capabilities they have that Blender has not developed yet.

EDIT: This is not to say that many people don’t come over to Blender even though they can afford Maya and company. Many like the features and interface. Also, from what I have been able to gleen, Autodesk treats their customers pretty much like crap. If you don’t buy extended support you are someting of a second class citizen, activation of much older versions seems to be an issue, etc etc etc. Softimage seems to fare better at that.

Over 9000 internets?

I would put Blender’s price at at least 1000 USD. It’s a good enough competitor.

Let’s do some math!
Maya(UNLIMITED): $6999(Last I checked)
Special: Cloth, Fur, hair
Blender: (Then give it $6999!)
Special: Cloth, Fur, Hair, Fluid Sim, GE
(Sorta Maya+3dsmax-few things) =
Total for a commercial Blender…:

3 pince and a pound.

A quarter back.

2 cent.

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese…

It’s just an object…:spin:

Do you ever add anything of value to a thread? Just curious.


I really don’t know how much Blender would cost if it were commercial software. I would say between $500 to $2,000 USD. But I would like to pay FREE!