How much drawing should I know before I do 3D CG?

@AkiraOkihu, if you don’t have much time, check out ctrl+paint for nice bite-sized (digital) art lessons. His “foundation studies” videos would apply to your situation I think and the lessons are solid and fun imo.

I would be interested in seeing drawings from those of you that can’t draw but can do 3D pretty well.

I came into 3D with an extensive 2D background. My first models looked good but were really bad on technique. Poor topology, bad UVs, that kind of thing.

I’m curious if going the reverse is similar. It seems to me if you could sculpt anatomy relatively well you could also draw it, but perhaps with wonky perspective and things.

I can’t draw to save my life, but it’s never stopped me from doing 3D, my drawings look like those of a 6 year old, a bad one at that!
Yes, for usre, if you CAN draw it is a serious edge to your skillset, but a vision of what you want to create in your mind is often enough and knowing how things are constructed and an eye for lighting plays a huge part in being able to produce 3D art.