How much Effect Can GLSL have on this building ?


I’m doing a city scene, in addis which I’m not sure what will become off it … may be I’ll put it up here and someone will go shooting around … anyhow my point

“Mirata” pointed out that i ‘should’ use GLSL…
i couldn’t actually get my head around the idea of GLSL & how it works but it seems to work 'miracles"

i’m just wondering if it is the right choise for what i’m doing.

I mean,i tried OTOs “Dark days” FPS which i think is made to show what GLSL can do.
Honestly i don’t know if my PC supports that thing or not, but the game ran @12fps and when i switched it to ‘texture face material’ it got up to 60 fps.
my worry is this, if my Gfx card doesn’t support GLSL, i’m sure most of the pcs around here(here) won’t.

so, I’m thinking of playing it safe , hoping that i won’t be scarifying a lot of the GLSL wonders.

can anybody help me by pointing out how much of a difference can GLSL make on the building below ?

tnx/መልካም ጊዜ

Sarbet.blend (211 KB)

I believe most pc’s do support GLSL. Well at least my pc, even my “old” laptop supports GLSL.

Some people here on BlenderArtists don’t have GLSL enabled graphics cards. I, myself, do - any computer made in the last 6 or 7 years should have GLSL support. If you plan to release your game to the masses, then GLSL would be fine.

My impression is that most integrated graphics that uses system memory handle glsl bad.

glsl can do amazing stuff like real time shadows but it costs… If you don’t use the features it’s not much point. For more static environment baking the lightning is a good alternative.

To be honest, GLSL wouldn’t really benefit your building without some work. You’d want to make a specular map so you can have more varied shininess (windows would be high specularity, concrete would have a speckled effect, etc) and a normal map to take advantage of better shading. But since your building is a fairly low res texture on a very low poly structure, you’d probably want to do some major changing before GLSL would be necessary. You’ll get better chances of compatibility without GLSL, though if a computer supports GLSL well it’ll run faster in GLSL mode.

Tnx all.

I counted 16 ridiculously different buildings in ‘my’ 3D town, and doing all that to each one, well……I’m pretty much using up all my free time already; I’ll probably go for LaH idea.