How much is this render?

I was thinking about sell renders. How much charge for it?
What factors we should consider in the moment of say the cost?

Are you agree with it? Why?

Share your experiences!


Free. And they should be instant, no matter how complex.

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:
I have seen about it, and to be sincere seemed interesting the idea :stuck_out_tongue:
But, I see that it don’t like to everyone :stuck_out_tongue: (I respect it ;))


You want to sell your services as a rendering service, correct?

Yes, but I have plans to do so later, when my renders are really good.

So, what are you asking? How much should you charge, later on, when you are talented enough? People won’t just send you objects for you to render (including setting up the scene). If you want to just be a rendering service - taking a file as is and pressing f12, then the price for that can be found by doing some research.

Weird question.

The service include modeling, texturing, and rendering.
Also, if somebody like some of my proyects and he/she want buy it I press F12 and everythings…

So you’d like to be a freelance modeler. Say it that way. I do that several times per year. I get $400 - $500 for a product renderings for local college students:

A thing is worth what someone will pay for it. Find a market for your services, and bump up the price until you hit the “Ugh, sorry, Can’t afford that.” mark. Then drop your price a bit, and that’s what your service is worth.

Yes! I want work with Blender like freelance, so I’m learning Blender (I have 1 year of experience with Blender and I have a lot to learn).
It been my idea (sell renders).
Are you from Georgia? (I ask for the money)…

GA, yes. I don’t know what you mean:
“I ask for the money.”
No. :slight_smile:

Haha I wanted to say "was asking for the currency we use in your country ", I don’t know which currency is used in Georgia :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, my English is horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, US dollars of course.

Well, thanks for your answers :slight_smile: