How Much Is Too Much?

Hi, Don’t Get me wrong
I think Blender is the best.
Don’t bother arguing I won’t listen.
Blender Is My Favorite!


How much is Enough?

How many file formats do “we” need in Blender?
Is Blender a Milkshape 3d clone?:stuck_out_tongue:
There are more file conversions for Blender than you can fit in the Scripts Windows.
Why, when most are of limited function or poorly constructed ? (not all)
Wouldn’t it be better to limit ourselves to ’ Industry Standard Formats’ and ensure that these are well maintained?

How many Renderers does the Blender Community need before it decides that time would have been better spent building and bettering Blender’s Internal Renderer or Yafray?
Instead of trying to be compatable with umpteen (many) different Renderers that essentially do the same thing.?
If the community had got together and put all their efforts into Blender Internal Renderer,
& 2 or 3 of the best Rendering Systems (not each years flavor) imagine the render speeds…

Why does Blender need 3 or 4 different Game Engines.
When Blender already has (Potentially) the best Game Engine intergrated within Blender.
Again if people consolidated their efforts…

Why does Blender need Intergration with an Image Editor (Gimp would be nice…)
When Blender already has many and more advanced image editing options.
With a little work Blender’s image functions could rival PS.
(no joke 2d Vs 3d, Blender win!) Use Transparent Planes as layers.:slight_smile:
Or if you don’t beleive me…
Try 3d bumpmapping (Nor) a single image on a 3d plane! Better than ‘emboss eg’.
Or mess around with nodes. ( Just use them as layers or more!!! )

So, the potential is there as it has been for years with Blender…

What do you think?
When is Enough, Too Much…

That’s enough for this rant.:wink:

there is a blender version for “2d-ing” but i dont remember the name… anyway, it wasn’t that great to use though familiar.

you crazy, foo. i’ve never heard of anyone actually suggesting that blender has too many functions.

I can’t answer the question, but I DO know that we don’t have enough right now.

What Meta means is that we need more quality and less quantity. And I think he’s quite right as well. Why not let several teams who work on different renderers work together so they can improve the internal Blender renderer? And why not focus on the important file formats?
Blender is a terrific program but there is always room for improvement. Why not make Blender phenomenal? Binding powers, creating one piece of a kick-ass program.
Blender is NOT a photo editor, though, so let’s leave that idea aside.
I do believe in unity of different powers. What if the developers of the Blender internal renderer, those of YafRay, those of POV-Ray and maybe soon those of Indigo. Imagine what they’ll create… I suppose we’ll have several rendering methods within the renderer then, but that means all the more power.

Because everyone who contributes to an open source project has THEIR idea. Everyone has something they want to contribute to. They wont work on another project that doesnt interest them and I understand that. It’s their free time. I can’t imagine forcing the yafray team to quit their render and focus on the internal. That’s how close apps work. The employees don’t really have a choise (or do they?) on what they work on.

Dtp Blender( Desk Top Publisher) ?

Lua> you crazy, foo.

:smiley: I know thats why I posted in Off Topic;)
orion119net> I can’t answer the question, but I DO know that we don’t have enough right now.[/QUOTE]
True, Soon…

Charlesworth999> What Meta means is that we need more quality and less quantity.

Yes. It is true, always we will desire more.
Growth is always a good thing.
But at the cost (Possibly) of Quality, is it so good?

Edeehem Because everyone who contributes to an open source project has THEIR idea.

Also true, but I am not saying to force people down a certain path, more to say guide them in the right direction.
Does Blender need 37 ways to rotate a cube in 3D views?

Sometimes I would like to see Blender focus on less but the more it develops, it makes sense for Blender to do so much. I’ve always thought Blender should just be a modelling and animation program. No game engine, no renderer. That way it would need to have a fully fledged API and that core code could be optimized and made incredibly reliable and flexible. All the other stuff like compositing, texture painting, rendering, gaming would be handled by software that has been specially developed for that task.

Then fluids etc would just be plugins and developed outside of blender and could be programmed more easily to be multi-threaded.

But the trouble with that way of working is that it relies on the assumption that people will have an alternative piece of software to do the job i.e that there will be an external renderer, game engine, compositor or whatever that is not only up to the job but is affordable or free and that isn’t always the case.


Because 1. Most people aren’t making their renderers for blender alone, and 2. Even if they were, this promotes competition. Which is good! :slight_smile: I agree with you on most all other points though.

Something funny? lol

and just try writing a User Manual to keep up…AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH.

I just Sandboxed this thought:
There is a wide array of talented people that use Blender, each of whom may be a:

  • 2-D artist that produces single image art or enhances single images

  • 2-D artist or team that produces cartoon/caricature animations

  • 3-D artist that works alone or with another person to produce short CG animations, possibly featuring some live action.

  • 3-D team that produces an animated (100% CG) movie.

  • 3-D team that works together to produce live action movies that include some CG. We can divide the 2-D and 3-D teams that produce movies and animations further into individual job categories that include:

  • Author-Comes up with the idea, the plot. Writes a book.

  • Producer-finds the money, picks the best talent available. May fund a short or animatic to get money interested in funding the effort. Finds time to code and enhance key tools, like Blender.

  • Script and ScreenWriter-Takes the story/book and makes a play out of it with dialog

  • Director - turns the script into something visual. Works with location scouts to find a place to shoot the live action. Oversees the whole production. Drinks lots of coffee.

  • Storyboarder/Sketch Artist - works with Director to lay out action, camera angles, shots. Sketches/clay models main actors and props.

  • Modeler - Makes a virtual reality. Specialities include Character, Prop and Landscapes/Stage modelers

  • Camerman, Director of Photography (DP): sets up the camera and its motion, shoots the live action, renders the output frames.

  • Material Painter - paints the set, the actors, and anything that moves. If it doesn’t move, they paint it anyway.

  • Animation and Rigging - makes things hop about using armatures

  • Special Purpose talent - Fluids, Motion Capture, Cloth

  • Lighting and Color Specialist - Lights the stage and sets, adjusts colors to look good in the light, adds dust and dirt to materials, scenes, and textures.

  • Matte painter - paints the backgrounds, broad views

  • Camerman, Director of Photography (DP): sets up the camera and its motion, shoots the live action, renders the output frames.

  • Recording Editor, Foley effects - records voice talent and takes, selects the best ones, introduces special sound effects.

  • Editor - takes all the raw footage from the DP and sequences it into an enjoyable movie. Cuts out unnecessary stuff.The only person left out is the Musician…and see Sequencer feature requests to see feature requests for an integrated audio compositor…it never ends…

Ok, Ok, Ok… I did over extend to make a point:D
The possibilities are limited only by our imaginations.
Your post made me laugh too.:wink:

osxrules> I like how everything is intergrated in Blender.
I have seen too often similar scripts written with very similar codes by people on different continents, if the same people had worked together the likely outcome would be a better script/function acheived in less time.

Lua> Because 1. Most people aren’t making their renderers for blender alone, and 2. Even if they were, this promotes competition. Which is good! :slight_smile: I agree with you on most all other points though.
Something funny? lol

Thanks. Many people in the community contribute greatly to Blender & many work well together. Many hands make light work if you let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.

Haha, ya, I just thought that point was funny. If the GIMP can’t even touch PS, there’s no way Blender can.

But the rest of your points are 100% valid and I agree.

hmm y does Blender&GIMP have so many formats?..hmmm…because you’ll never know which one you’ll need:D :smiley: :smiley: …sometimes jpeg, gif,hmm well each hs its own usefullness,hmm some can have layers some can have better detail…never know what youll need…hmm like tools in a tool box if you work on a car one day you’ll need sme wrenches,screw drivers,etc…but later if you need to work on a shed or something you’ll nedd a hammer and some nails…somthing youll probably won’t use on a car…so you’ll need to go out and buy/add more tools to your tool box, eventually you’ll have all the tools you’ll need…your own personal tool box…go to your buddies see what tolls they have and see what you miss…

true, but as i said, the left hand doesn’t always want to do the right hand’s job (there’s a sexual joke in there but i’m not touching it). imagine if mental images and autodesk got together and decided to make mental ray into 3ds max internal renderer. not much hope of pairing mental ray off with anything else, like, say, blender.

as it is, fortunatly there is a stand alone of mental ray. :slight_smile: