How much render time for Faber Courtial animations?

The Faber Courtial animations are really amazing.
But I can’t even create one half of the quality they’re producing in terms of realistic environments in Blender Eevee (as I’ve understood, Faber Courtial make use of realtime rendering in UE) without my render times exceeding 15 sec. per frame on my RTX 3070 Ti.

Are their render times much faster, and if so - how do they render such high quality animations with so many details without a super computer?

Also another question: How many hours do each animator work per week in the animation industry, generally speaking?

Professional animation studios don’t use one computer to render. They use a render farm, usually with dozens or hundreds of computers. Also…

Yeah, Eevee doesn’t have the same real-time capacity as a game engine because it’s not a game engine


I know most professional animation studios use render farms.
But why bother with render farms when you have realtime rendering?
As far as I know, Faber Courtial use realtime rendering. I could be wrong though.

I’m not finding anywhere on their website any implication that they have real-time rendering… I am finding lots of references to custom, in-house tools, which would make a lot more sense. One way or another, you’re not going to:

because they’re not using Eevee, they’re using their own tools, possibly in combination with Unreal Engine and other tools, not to mention they have at least 16 full-time employees. It’s hard to compete with that as just one person


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40-100 hours, depending on when your deadline is.


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Ok, that makes sense.
In addition to 40+ hours work per week, generally speaking in the animation industry, I will never be able to compete with them.

I don’t know about never- I’ve seen some truly remarkable work done by just one person. I think you could very feasibly make any of their animations in Blender, just with the understanding that it will take longer. If one of those animations took 200 man-hours, a team of 5 could it in a week. It would take a single person closer to a month. Doable, you just have to frame your expectations to match your schedule :slight_smile:


Hello !

It’s difficult to compete with a team, it’s not just because they are 5 people that it will took the same amount of time multiplied by 5 for only one person.
Probably some people within the team are better in some areas than others.

Say you have someone that spend a great deal of it’s time learning camera , framing, lighting,
Someone else doing animation for some years,
An expert in shading , rendering , FX
A modeling nerd
A pro texture artist

It’s hard to compete in all these fields, at least it will take you much more time if you want to be as equally talented in all these areas.

Unreal is much faster than Eevee, but eevee can be very good, here are two people doing very cool things with it :

Emiliano Colantoni :

Danied Bystedt :

Render time doesn’t mean quality, you can get really good results with a realtime renderer and Eevee can output very cool images in 5/10s per frame with a very good quality.

The two guys I posted kind of prove the opposite of what I was saying in the beginning, but they propably do 3D since a very long time and have a really strong artistic background, their work has a more limited scope than what I saw from the website you posted.

If a shot is well done, then there is a perception of more detail than there is in reality, or things can look more complex than they are in the software. Half the work in 3D is cheating, but it’s really hard to master correctly.

Hope that helps a bit, it’s really hard to answer questions like “how comes that their work is so much better ?” with something simple. It’s definitely not a software that will make a real difference.
But of course , good software in the hand of a bunch of good artists will do wonders !


I’m working with Blender “semi professionally”, that is I earn a little extra income by making CGI-reconstructions of historical locations for museums and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation ( recently aired a show with one of my animations.

I think part of my problem is that when dealing with 3D-models and animation, all my work is done by myself. I only work together with other people when I’m dealing with historical facts (ie. “what did this building look like back then?”).

This means I spend a lot more hours piecing together historical and archaeological data to get a rough picture and model of what I’m about to reconstruct in Blender.


Cool !

Yes, end results is always tied to budget and time constraints. With more budget you might hire people to help you , like one is working on animation and rendering, the other works on historical accuracy. Or maybe you can keep working alone, but with more time to focus on rendering.

Tools are evolving, and for sure one person army nowadays can do much better work than 10 or 20 years ago. Yet it’s really difficult to make something really advanced on these documentary style CG animations. Most of the budget is invested on narration and scientific accuracy.

I did a lot of similar projects ( more into satellites and space related stuff) , it was really impossible to have every aspects as polished as I would like. In fact it’s always a bit the case , but it’s easier to balance energy when you have a team and more time/budget to finish the project.

Rather than asking what tools or rendertime they’ve got at Faber Courtial , it can be more interesting to learn about their budgets, how many people for how many time…


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