how much should i charge?

I am applying for various freelance contracts over the internet, How much should I charge for 3D modelling services?- what are the standard fees ?

  1. house exterior modelling

  2. character modelling
    a. simple toon
    b. medium
    c complicated

  3. interior modelling and rendering


How good are you?

Here are few samples -

Hmm… I recognise those pictures…

I’m not sure what the standard charges are, so can’t help you there…


minimum wage (per hour of expected work) x2, then multiply all that by 2, coz everything takes longer than expected.

so (minimum-wagetime-expected4)


Hmm. Your ‘Joan of Arc’ shows that you can model from a tutorial, but what about from a client’s concept? As long as you can show a process from brief to delivery - your content is fine.

As far as charges, try to find out what the industry standards are for a similar internal position within a company (there are various websites which can tell you) doing the same job, and add around a quarter on top of that, for health insurance, pension, equipment, materials etc.

i mean is there anything as flat fee system?

Hmm. Your ‘Joan of Arc’ shows that you can model from a tutorial, but what about from a client’s concept?

you saw the other pictures, right? That should be a pretty diffinitive answer to your question.

KS, that’s a really hard one to answer, and the only real way to deal with it is to figure out the prices per project. The reason there are no standard charges is that every job is different…

very nice work btw.

I would tend to agree with Alltaken and his process there. It will get you close and should end up putting some money in your pocket as well.

Good luck.


Yes, I saw the other pictures.

Modelling to a client’s specification is of paramount importance, and to re-iterate; “As long as you can show a process from brief to delivery - your content is fine”. The client has to feel confident that you can deliver exactly what they want - and on time.

Karan, the method I put forward for calculating fees is one I’ve used successfully for a few years now. Companies expect to have to pay freelancers more than salaried staff.

From my experience, always get written confirmation of the deal - at least by email, and if you’re going to go past deadline - let them know as soon as you become aware of it.

Good luck. You certainly seem to have the ability. Freelancing can be both very rewarding, and very frustrating. Keep a good sense of humour and you’ll do fine. :slight_smile:

Charge whatever you need to stay alive, have a little fun and the rest you can’t do without. Otherwise nothing will matter if you die.

That’s what I did when I started to make furniture. Then when the quality of your work will begin to be known charge a little more, not just if you need the money (anyway you’ll get much better and faster so you’ll actually make more money while charging the same) but because client that pay more have more respect for you.
By the time you reach the ceiling of what you can charge you’ll be able to answer this question for others.


Typical charge out rate for archtectual work is 2.5 X hourly rate of an architectual technologist. About $70 dollars per hour in my area. This is what an architect would expect to pay an outside firm that specializes in renderings/models etc.


Don’t undersell yourself – that’s a danger when starting out. Calculate all your monthly costs (rent, car, internet bill, food, saving toward a new computer), all your working hours (keep in mind that a freelancer spends less time actually working
since there’s billing, bookkeeping, organizing, communications to do) and do something like: costs * 2 / hours to get your hourly wage. Since you might be working less than the full amound of availible work hours (not always having enough projects), you can do costs * 3 / hours, too. I found that to be a nice way to adjust the price to the local economy.

Keep in mind that having too low a price (many people think it’s “unfair” to demand $50+/hour when starting out, for example) devalues your work. The customers will not appreciate it and will also do stuff like project changes after half your work is done already because they will simply think it’s not much work in the first place.

Very true. Some sample renderings do not tell anyone how long it took to produce. Neither does it say how acurately you can demonstrate your client’s design ideas.
The dificult reality is that there is no standard fee for 3d graphics. You’ll have to decide basically how much you want to be paid for a specific project and hope that would be fine. Personally, I look at a project, dicide how long it will take me to complete and charge accordingly. However, this requires experience.

just make sure you get enough to keep your self living happily and the rest is bonus…

It might be best to start low and ask satisfied clients if they believe your pricing scheme is a good one or whether you could ask for more…