How much time do you spend on this Forum

Another question other then the multi-cultural one popped in my head, how much time do you spend on this forum everyday?

too much …

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i probably spend most of my free time here

that’s prolly a couple hours a day

boy i need a life…:stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever I procrastinate (a lot ;)).

How much is that?

I was ditto’ing kbot: I spend too much time on here.

@Free_ality: I’m kinda slow on understanding but now I understand.

all of the above. Since I can’t have chocolate, it’s my stress reliever. and I am under a LOT of stress.
ps - short SBUX
Edit - cover sbux. long xlf

Quite a bit, hehe:)

Whenever I check my email, I always at least take a look at my CP to see if there are any new posts on subscribed threads. Also, I am usually doing blender or on the forum if I have some free time. Not much of that, though.

I spend too much…I’m getting very scared about my eyes…I don’t want glasses…yet.

just get laser surgery - i got that done on friday. pity I didn’t ask the doc what the opacity settings were on my undated cornea.

This needs a poll…

But I check in once every few days. I haven’t been modeling or animating for ages though… I blame that on Cocoa.

A poll would be cool.

when i get stuck or tired of working on project echo

5 minutes 3 times a day with a glass of water.

its on prescription you know

I spend a lot of time on here lately, but mostly because it’s winter. I hate the cold. It sucks. But, I haven’t been using blender very progressively lately.

All in all i probabily spend a few minutes everyday in total, checking back every now and then

I’m in the same boat with kbot and free_ality.