How Much Time do you spend

Hi Folks:

Im just curious – in trying to balance my learning and improvement and doing actual work on projects, how much time on a weekly basis do you spend reading / learning vs doing actual projects? how do you know you are at the right amount?

IM a fast reader (over 500wpm) and im a learning blender user wanting to get good at archviz. I could really spend pretty much all day reading blogs and forums and articles and stuff, but I’d never get any work done. Likewise, I could spend all my available days (I also have a “real” job) drawing, but then I wouldnt learn new stuff

So whats the balance, and if you have them, what are your “High Value” sources for information?


Hi Tim,
I have been balancing this as well. I tried to combine the real jobs with learning Blender but at some point i found both ends of the stick were sufferings so i changed my tactcs to learning the Blender basics of what I needed to function/work and make a hard switch.

Not easy but when you ‘have to’ you learn so much faster.
When you feel confident just start a (real) project and go for it.
Blender will not dissapoint at least not in my experience.

Good luck.

Before I answer your question how much time I spend reading, I want to let you know what I read in an entire day.

I read emails.

I read reports, minutes of meetings and presentations.
In general, I read a lot and it consumes about 40% of my available time.
And in particular books, a maximum couple of hours and minimum of 15 minutes.