How much time spent?

How much time do you folks spend on Blendering a week? How much do you think should be spent on Blendering (For those that are just learning)
I can barely push out one Hour to 2 hours a week. (Married, 2 kids, work 10 hours, 6 Days week)
I might get myself involved with SMC, make it kind of a Speed learning process.

And you think you have it hard?!?

I have 3 kids, (10,5,1-1/2), my wife works afternoons, I work days, I am starting a new job shortly, I am moving next Friday to a new house, etc., etc.

But, I usually spend about 8-10 hours a week on average, I would think. I sneak some in during work hours, when things are slow. I get a few hours in a night, once all the kids are in bed.

For beginners, It just takes practice. I used to just do the same tute over and over until I could do it from memory. Getting the hang of Blender can be a pain. Just takes some perceverance (<-sp).

The SMC might be a good way to try learning. Forces you to try something and already gives you a topic.

Good luck to you.


I don’t think I have it hard. As long I have a roof I’m cool. But i work 10 hours but I commute so I’m out the the door 450am back in at 730pm and wife is a full time student and take night classes. I’m the only one working.
Three kids is ruff. I’m at 2 only (6 and 4) and I ended after that. :slight_smile:
But I’m young and energetic (I think). what kill my Blender time is wifey complaining when I get on computers. You know always calling me upstairs to look at or do something. :slight_smile:
I will try my hand at SMC.

It is good to here that I am not the only one getting on in years with a wife and kids and trying to learn Blender.


1 wife, 2 kids (3 and 3 months), 1 job
I do most of my blending at work b/c there is little or no time at home until around 10 or 11 then I’m too tired to do anything useful.
The hardest part right now is that my youngest son has been in the children’s hospital for the past month or so and will be at least until early next year. He has a very, very rare muscle disorder.
Blending helps me think of something else for a while.
Sorry, this wasn’t the pity party post was it?

0 wife,0 kids,0 jobs.i am 19 and an comp. engineering student.though my best effort is to be agreat modeler 8) .so i spend 7-8 hrs a day at the starting days for a new blender project.when the modelling is completed the time spent for that project naturally decreases…sometimes to 0. :wink: .

1 wife, 3 Kids(6,2,1), 2 cats, 2 Gerbils, 1 mamma dog, 5 puppies, a few occassional spiders or cockroaches, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Fortunately, I have a graphic arts job which alows me some Blend time at work.

Otherwise it is late nights at home.

1 wife, 1 kid (5 yrs), 1 dog, no gerbils or other rodents (well, there are some who sneak in under the house during winter, but they’re zero maintenance kinda things).

I currently only work part-time, but even though the afternoons are free, there’s no way I can do any Blendering while my daughter is awake, so blendertime starts at about 20:00 and continues until 23:00 - 01:00. To sum it up, that makes on average 3 hours a day, 15 hours total monday to friday, then usually an extra 8-10 hours crammed in over the weekend.

Grand total: 23 - 25 hours a week…

I guess we need to form the Married, with children, barely enough time to blink Blender User forum.
Cool to see other family folks learning also.
Blender cools my time when me and wife are not on best terms. Funny thats when I get more home time with Blender.
I used to do alot of blender at work. Since spend most of my time there. But now we have new bosses. So less time to blender. Plus Blender on my laptop sucks.

I’m there, with 3 boys, a wife, and working 2nd shift (3:30-Mid). I do have about an hour after work before I can get to sleep, but I don’t really feel like blending (oh the shame). I do have time during the day, but my blendering motivation is kind of irratic. I will get an idea and blend for hours, then not touch blender for a week. Strange, eh?

This has actually been an unexpectedly enlighting thread. Its great to know that there are others in the same boat!

I have 2 kids, 1 wife. Full-time job, teaching 1 class, and doing a website for my father-in-law on the side. I’m a morning person so I TRY and get up about 4am & get 3 hours in dealing with teaching, web building, and my own work.

So far, it looks like I can’t even think about doing my own work till summer.

I model 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Not in blender but in wings and lightwave. I have no kids and am not married, so when I get home from modeling at work if I have nothing else to do then I model my own projects. (Also in wings and Lightwave)

I really don’t have it that rough. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

But I figure once I get married then I will only have time to model at work, since thats what I do.

What is this SMC everyone is alluding to on this thread?

0 Kids, No Wife, No Job.

I’m in 9th grade at HighSchool!
I book about 3-4 hours a week on blender and the messageboards.
Is anyone here younger than me?


0 Kids, 2 Wives… err no, 1 wife, 1 dog (dead),

Well, I spend 1 hour a day except for weekends when I may spend 4/5 hours (if nothing else to do like painting a house, or endless familiy visiting). I think I spend more time in the internet…

Reading the thread and comparing with my own life… are women jelous of Blender or what ??? :smiley:



1 mom, a couple of friends, a carton of icecream, and my computer. I get a few hours a day in. And, SHABA!, the SMC is the Speed Modelling Contest that is held in the blender chat. Pretty fun.