How much to charge for character design

How much do you guys is a minimum price for a 3d character for advertising?

Worked on a big project some months ago, and it was a headache… price was too low(miscalculation).

First, estimate your hours that you will be spending on the different tasks (few ideas of different tasks include but not limited to, character reference, initial modelling, defined modelling, uv mapping, lighting, rigging, rendering, posing, photoshopping etc.etc.etc). If you are unsure as to how many hours it will take you, overestimate, if you dont know, think back on a similar project that you have done and how long it took you then. If you haven’t done it before, include some exploration time in there aswell. The break down should include every step of the way from concept to delivery (this includes iterations!).

To the client keep these broad areas such as initial 3d works / refining 3D works. Then, figure out a good hourly rate for you / your artists. This includes overheads such as hardware purchasing / licenses / sick leave / personal leave / superannuation / downtime / profits etc.etc.etc.

Then finally, multiply the hourly rate by the number of hours, and that’s your quote.

Well, no one else will do anything better for you than yourself. As knowledge has been passed onto you in school you were thought to do research before you jump into murky waters. As it might be shallow or there are rocks just beneath the surface… you don’t know the pattern waves make, yet

Anyways, a quickie… and g-results for Freelance rate calculators

Depends on where you are and who the client is. A good starting point would be checking similar companies on

Add software costs, rent, bills/percentage of rent/bills if it’s a home office, payed sick days, holidays, health coverage, average annual hardware expenses and an hour lunch time, plus some percentage for feedback depending on the contract.

One big problem when starting a studio is miscalculating quotes in the beginning, but I think it’s better to start a bit low than to scare away clients. It’s only my opinion, but the first year shouldn’t be about making profit, more about building a client base, portfolio, finishing some projects, and make adjustment bi-annually.