how much versions of Blender do you keep ?, (and how many you regularly use)

I’m curious, maybe I’m a bit strange but my blender folder has a beta map.
It contains 28 versions of Blender, plus a few other related software maps.
I usually use the most recent unofficial downloads, but animations i render with experimental Adaptive sampler.

Besides that i keep recent beta’s the GSOC, and the larger projects that are still not in main.
And some experimental cycles versions that never made it.

So I wondered how many blender program downloads do you keep.
And what are your favorite ones, the ones you regularly use

2 versions for me.

2.49b for legacy purposes.
2.76 is my current work version

Always on latest buildbot. Once fracture modifier is synched with master I´ll go with that for a couple of months :slight_smile:

I’m on daily builds. So usually up to a 7 day old build or so.

I test some interesting versions from time to time. But generally I have one blender. I update it when some neat new features appear.

The current stable release (2.77a right now) and the latest RC for the next version.

Same for me. I used a buildbot version cause i wanted to take a look at the new bendy bones, but then came the 2.78 RC and its already inside (together with the new grease pencil updates).

I have a 2.49 for legacy stuff, a 2.69 that most of my tools like tree gen are on (I keep them installed in the blender folder and not on the my profile, it sits in my drop box and makes me very happy to know it is safe there) and anymore I do most of my modeling and rendering on the latest stable build.

1 master

  • 10 official branches (object nodes, asset-engine, fracture-modifier, strand-edit-mode etc…)
  • 3 unofficial, unaccepted patched ones(pbr, cloth friction, colorsmoke)
  • 6 latest official releases (to confirm old bugs)
  • 4 old projects that never get merged but are often discussed (gooseberry, sitcky keys…)
  • 6 GSOC 2016
    +19 outdated patched ones that were accepted, merged into master or superseded by new master’s features.

So after clean-up, I should keep 30 versions of Blender.