How much Vram do i need?

I have to upgrade my setup, currently i’m using GTX 950 with 2gb of Vram.
sometime i run out of CUDA in some scene.
So in my budget I can go for GTX 1060 6gb or Rx 480 8gb
so which one should i buy ?
Does Blender fully support AMD?
I want to go for Nvidia for other reasons, but is 6GB Vram enough?

CUDA is Nvidia tech, so dont go for AMD. I would actually go for two lower cards but dont SLI them for rendering (ive heard reports they render faster without being SLI’d). Personally i have 2 x 970 GTX cards and its renders the complex scenes ive tested just great.

4 GB is the minimum recommended today. GTX 1060 6GB is relatively good for Cycles and I hope it also for Eevee in 2.8 (you make sure that it is 6gb version and not 3gb version). The developer of Eevee recommended as much vRAM as possible.
I think that for Cycles the RX 480 is slower than the GTX 1060, because according to the benchmark GTX 1060 it has approximately the time of RX 580:

Anyway, if you can wait a couple more months, nvidia will release its new mid range cards. The prices of old cards will go down, or even you can opt for one of those new cards.

AMD uses OpenCL to render in Cycles.

The developer of Eevee recommends a single card with as much vRAM as possible. For now it is not planned for Eevee to support multiple GPU.

I’m sure that will come somewhere down the road, at least I would like to think so. Probably a long way down the road, but I bet it happens :slight_smile:

@Solyman_Ali I guess then it boils down to what you actually want to do with Blender. If you plan to make heavy use of Eevee, then put all your money on the fastest card you can afford with as much VRAM as possible.

If its Cycles + Cuda you will use most, then go for two mid ranged 10 series cards. It’s worth pouring over alot of bench marks. A couple years back i bought 2 x 760 GTX cards because on paper they were on par with the performance of a single Titan, except it cost me £500 less than the Titan. Just do your homework :slight_smile:

I wouldnt mind betting that two 1060 cards out perform the flagship card.

What is SLI? Anyway it seems I messed up last night after reading these posts. My main gpu is a Geforce gt 710. I had a Radeon rx580 but it wouldn’t render the scenes I needed it for while my gt 710 would albeit very slowly. At the time of purchase I was unaware that the Radeon didn’t have cuda cores but after reading these posts I found that was my issue. Anyway I decided last night to go return my Radeon &I picked up a Geforce gtx 1050 ti. I thought my problems were solved… Not so. For some reason now my computer keeps sticking. My mouse can’t go across my screen without it sticking about 3 times. I went even further in tormenting myself by enabling both cards in Blender hoping to take advantage of the combined 6gb of Ram. What took me 17 hrs to render on the gt710 reported a 5hr wait with both cards rendering. I’m thinking "Hell yeah ".My computer might as well be frozen. My mouse takes about 20mins to unstick for about 1sec. I can’t even minimize Blender and that was about 6hrs ago and now it’s saying I’ve still got 2hr left. I’ve got 16 gig’s of Ram on my computer with a Ryzen 3 processor & I’m rendering a single image of a single character with a little smoke. This is crazy… I got the gpu’s so that I could render & if not totally free up my CPU at least lessen the time that it would be tied up. That didn’t work out at all.

You can install 2 identical graphics cards, and bridge them together with an SLI cable that essentially makes them act as a single card, sharing the work load.

Your post is confusing… you say you returned the cards and picked up a 1050ti but then you say several times you installed the “cards”… plural … do you mean you installed the 710 and the 1050? probably not a good idea. The should really be identical i think. I would stick to using just the 1050.

Also, did you fully remove the driver for radeon before installing the Nvidia, including any registry entries? Honestly, if that was me I would actually be doing a full reinstall of windows to make sure its clean.

And your still stressing out the computer… depending on the scene, you can still experience stuttering and slow mouse. I get a little sometimes.

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RX 580 card is currently fully supported to render with OpenCL in Cycles. I’m not sure what your problem was.
I’m not sure if I understood. Do you still have the RX 580 card?

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Thx for responding. I did figure out the problem. Not only had I not uninstalled the Radeon drivers but the lag was coming from me rendering with both the 710 & the 1050. Now I’m only rendering with the 1050 & using the 710 for my display. I don’t really know a lot about gpu’s but thx to sites like this &YouTube I’m getting there. Thx

No I returned it for the 1050 ti. I know that it’s supported but for some reason most of my scene’s only render with cuda. It’s cool though now that I’ve solved the issue with the new 1050. Thx.

wow, that’s kinda surprising, and disappointing - i thought one of Blender’s major benefits was that you could use two cards and render in about half the time as they worked simultaneously on alternate tiles? i was looking to get a second card, at least i can save some money now :smiley:

That’s Cycles that can use dual cards like that. Eevee uses the GPU as a traditional rendering device and not as a compute card like Cycles does. Using multiple cards for Eevee is much trickier, for the same reasons it is tricky for games.

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It’s like @J_the_Ninja pointed out. For Cycles the thing is still the same, even better. You can use multiple GPUs as usual, and even Hybrid GPU+CPU.
Eevee uses OpenGL.

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

Hi brothers it depends what you do. I have two 780 ti with 3 gb and the performance is just incredibly incredible!!!

“Chips are Cheap.™”

You can always make a computer run faster and perform better by adding memory to it. Memory is the one-and-only thing in the computer that can keep up with the microprocessor/GPU as they grind through billions of operations (nowadays …) per second. If sufficient RAM isn’t available, the chips dead-stop (from your point of view) and now you are waiting for external operations that take thousands of times longer to complete. "Tiny fractions of a second,’ repeated millions of times, add up to seconds, minutes, hours, days.

“More RAM” is always a reliable way to get [much …] more out of your hardware investment. (“It doesn’t matter that you’re driving a Ferrari, if you’re stuck in traffic.”)

“Welll, how much [V]RAM can I buy for this thing…?” :smiley: