How much would be reasonable to offer?

I’m going to be hunting around for a a 3D modeler very soon, and I wanted to get some opinions from you guys on what I should offer in terms of payment. Of course, I will probably post here later with my request…so please don’t load your answers. :smiley:

I’m working independently to create my own adventure game, named Prodigal 2, in the style of the old Sierra or Lucasarts games. I need some 3D models of monsters.

Specifically for example, a bull demon, all black, with glowing, pupil-less eyes. It’s mouth hangs unnaturally wide open, with green tentacles squirming out of it. One leg has no flesh on it, just bloody bone. It’s stomach has been slashed open and its entrails are hanging out. I would need the model rendered and animated with three animations: walking, killing the player, and being killed by the player. Texture needs on it would be minimal to none, as it will be a low resolution sprite for a 640x400 adventure game. The model detail should be sufficient itself.

Now, I am paying for these out of my own pocket. I hope to get the game published, but I am working to complete the first act of the game on my own to try and sell to several indie publishers…but for now, I pay out of pocket.

My question is this: how much would I need to offer to interest you in working on it?
Again, I’m paying for the work myself so I can’t pay what these services would be worth to a studio. I just would like some realistic figures from some of you on what YOU would want, IF you were interested in the project, whether you are or not.

And note, this is NOT a request for help. giving me a response will NOT cause me to solicit you about working on the project. I will make a separate post requesting help when the time comes!

Thanks for your consideration!

$50 EU per hour, plus travel and telecomm charges.

I would pay on a commission basis. Set a price for the model, and set a price for a model and textures. Don’t pay on an hourly basis because depending on the animator they may take more or less time to complete a project.

Usually people who do this get well payed, be prepared to shell out a lot of money especially if it’s supposed to be very high quality.

While I can’t really give you an accurate price since i am so new to the world of 3d art I can tell you that the price will probably be different if you supply the artist with concept art vs a text description.

I know I would charge more if I had to design and model the character rather than just model it.

Oh I guess my model/animation I did for you last time didn’t quite make the grade (-:

(and to think I never personally charged for it either . . . )

$700 US per model is about average, depending on complexity.

I’m thinking maybe paying a 3d modeler to make a model for a sprite may very well be over kill (maybe our view on sprite differs a bit…I think back to the nes when I hear the word sprite). Just use a 2d artist and save yourself some serious cash.

in the UK right now it seems agencies are charging £200 -£250 a day for environment modellers on average ( that rate applies for people with industry experience and a proven track record and delivery rate.)

Way more expensive than staff rates as you’d expect. I doubt the individuals involved get that though as the agency takes its cut… Still, in games most of the agents work on commission for full time placements and there business isn’t set up to cope with freelancers so they get short shrift compared to those searching for full time employent…

No industry experience and un-proven work rate? I wouldn’t go higher than £100 a day…

Whoa…you guys are all talking professional rates, as if I’m a company out to hire help…I’m just a lone guy self funding a game project. Is that seriously what you’d still charge were I to ask you for help? No love for the independent, little guy? :frowning:

Linuxboy, I wholeheartedly agree. I wouldn’t pay hourly. There’s just no accountability over long distance. I would only pay a flat rate for the completed model and animation set.

PixelAlien, point taken. I will make sure I have some reference materials for any I commission.

kbot, You told me you had joined another project and then dropped out of communication without ever having finished the model…I took that to mean you had moved on to something else.

HouseArrest, lots of mid-nineties games used 3D models for creating their sprites. Crusader: No Remorse, Donkey Kong Country, and Diablo/Starcraft spring to mind, and games even as recent as Longest Journey were still using the technique. It yields ultra smooth animation with full lighting and shading much easier and faster than an artist could ever draw all the frames.

oops aplogies

You never said anything about speed of developement. You said you were a little guy looking for how much your “employees” could be paid and still be kept happy. A 2d artist will be your best bet. Let him worry about how much time it takes…how hard it will be to make those frames. In the end you will spend less because there is no rigging, there are no materials/textures to apply, there is no, well, 3d model.

If you truley want a 3d model, you’re going to have to expect to pay more for that. I doubt anyone’s going to put in the time it’s going to take to model it, rig it, animate it, throw on the materials and textures and be willing to get paid chump change for thier effort. If you find someone…let me know. I’ve got a couple corners on my blocks to fill up with willing employee’s. Help me pimp my block ROFL!!!

The money for a freelance artist, on a for profit game, would come in the form of royalties (after teh original sit down payment). Just like an author of a book who only sees his profit in the form of royalties after the intitial payment for actually sitting down to write (unless he put it out himself). You’ve said nothing about royalties. And in all fairness…you can’t say anything about htem. You have no idea if this game will even make you money at this point…let alone enough for you to start dishing out extra pay for the models use. But, bcause of the fact that you expect to profit from this, you have to expect people wanting to be paid every time they see thier hard work being sold.

NOTE-I’m not in the industry…this is a hobby for me. But this is how I would expect to get paid.

Most people expect to be paid that for their time. Most will not care if your independent or not, if you want cheap work, you’ll probably get cheap results.

B. - you are more than welcome to find an animator to use my model (or what I made so) to animate. I believe I did sign it away to you. I found it a bit hard to do your work, and at the same time find work, then keep my employers happy. In the same breathe - I was also learning Blender too!

Perhaps you should take a look at DAZ Studio. Its a free posing and rendering program that has a lot free content available (If you willing to search a bit). There is no copyright issues with using the renders it creates as sprites for 2D games

This is the link to DAZ’s store page for Studio. There is another link on the page to to get the actual file. I provided the store link because the site also has a forum you may want to join.