How much would blender be worth if it wasn't free?

I just want to know what you guys think blender would be worth if it wasn’t free.

You’ll probably be farther ahead trying to find out what the stone blocks at Puma Punku are for, who built them, and how they were built.

I cant live without Blender.

Given the option, I’ll pick 100. But 500 is okay-ish. Maybe 250. The reason is that Blender is weak in all regard.

To put at 1000 we must compare it to Lightwave. But Blender have an outdated BI, and unfinished Cycles. Does it have the latest Genoma level animation tools?

Even at the modelling side, we must compare it to MODO.

Since Blender spread itself too thin, 100 to 250 is the only okay-ish price. And I’m being generous here. There are $50 version of Vue. And these are well defined app (that try to do something very well).

But this comparison is unfair, I think. LW is now at version 11.5, so it have received 1200 x 11 times from it user base for it to be at this level. Of course that number is not correct, since upgrade pricing is much less. But there are new users too. So just give and take.

Blender on the other hand is try to survive on donation and product sales. And voluntary programmers. But this is really bad comparison.

For example XSI is now provide Face Robot, which once being sold at $150,000 (?). Looking at the pricing of XSI now, 250 was very generous of me to put a price on Blender. Just understand that Hexagon and Bryce is free. Just to put in perspective… and Daz Studio too.

What`s the use of this rhetorical question anyway?

same thread pops up every time someone new finds blender, decides they might like to imagine what it is worth… my vote: priceless :smiley:

Here ya go. Now it’s not such a mystery presented by eccentrics on TV.

nice debunk-a-mentary… saw it in december. the guy is maybe a little biased (too christian and all…), but he did a good job there…

As mode.


exactly a kajillion bajillion dollars

Ton is now kicking himself for not adding that price tag!

it’s only 10-20 votes here.
But, a ~$100, if everyone could donate these, just imagine.

You then have to consider other apps which range in the $100-300 range. Heck, even XSI before it was bought by Autodesk was going for around $500 if I remember correctly.

If blender was actually a commercial product with a decent amount of revenue, then there would be no excuse for developers to actually fix/polish existing features and compete with the alternatives.

Look at 3d coat and what its priced at.

Its kind of sad when you see those ranking Blender up in the $1000+ category.

Columbus set out to prove the world was round and the “debunkers” were claiming it was flat. LOL

Just going by this list, I’d put Blender somewhere in the $500-$1000 range. It’s more powerful in raw features than Silo, or Swift 3D, but still a little short of something like Lightwave. Personally, I think most commercial 3D packages are ludicrously overpriced for what they actually deliver anyway.

remember… how many money gathered when Ton opened the source…?
200k euros? I dont remember

I WAS just waiting to see if anyone could point out that it wasn’t Columbus but Magellan, but even he didn’t make it around the world like the old history books say. He died and his navigator took over. And it was Western Europe. LOL

Id pay £5.00, any such complex product without support is a waste of time. Love Blender but the above question is irrelevant, once blender can make either games,movies (with decent animation and rendering) that statement will change. Over all if every single person who had ever used blender payed £5 The dev process would be far faster, it doesnt take a genius.

I believe 100K euro which was raised in 7 weeks. I wonder how many people contributed. Average contribution x effect of inflation = what they thought blender was worth