How much would it cost to do something like this?

If it is possible, how much do you think it would cost to develop a near photo-realistic human model that can programmatically be adjusted to various weights, heights, postures, etc AND change it’s photo-realistic clothing? Oh and it needs to be completely web based.

How much would you bid?

I personally don’t think it is reasonable with today’s technology and anywhere less than HUGE budget.

You probably already know about the Make Human project for Blender.
I suppose it’s kind of like what your talking about eccept for the clothes.
Maybe it would begin with somthing like that.

Cost to devlope? No clue.

So you’re talking about a web-based MakeHuman with added things like clothes n’ what not? It might be possible if you were to do it like the GIMP does it. IIRC, it has a light web API that will allow you to send image manipulation commands through a CGI script (that typically hooks into Script-Fu) that calls on GIMP to do the processing and send it back. Technically, you might be able to make some CGI hooks into the python engine in Blender that runs MakeHuman, makes adjustments, and feeds the .blend back through the web (and maybe a sample render). It’s not impossible, but it would definitely require some processing power. Can you imagine a world full of web users accessing the same script, all of them calling on blender to generate a mesh and send it to them? Just a guess, but that would take one beast of a machine.

If you are tinking about this for the purpose of fashion visualization, there are too many different body types to accomplish this task.

It’s been done before by some clothing label; I forgot which one. It was set up so that you enter in your measurments, hair style & color, a figure that looks something like your body type is generated, and then you can put cloths on it and see how it looks. It is all just still images so no 3D meshes here :slight_smile:

But yes, I’m sure it would take a sick amount of CPU power if you wanted to handle more than a dozen or so users at once.

I pretty much knew what you all said, but just needed to make sure I wasn’t out of the loop on the topic. Thanks!!!

I think it is possible with current blender technology to do something like this. How photorealistic it would be would completely depend on your budget for textures and polys… which would probably be kinda low. If you rounded up a group of the best in modeling texturing programing and animating from the comunity it could be done. Probably in the arena of 3k.

Lands End does this. But the technology is so primitive that it’s basically useless (IMHO). You’d need some very accurate cloth modelling capabilities. They wouldn’t just have to LOOK right, they’d have to actually show what the clothes would do. Stores that produce catalogs have to be extremely careful that the colors of the clothing is reproduced accurately or they get pissed off customers reaming them out. It would be a disaster if the clothes draped the virtual model one way but look like cat-butt when you put them on at home.

This reminded me of something I saw a long time ago. I think that this will fall short of what you are looking for, but it is similar:

It’s interesting, but not terribly useful. Can create both male and female models and has an assortment of clothing to go along with them.