How much would it cost?

Some of you have already seen my thread about my comic website ambitions. I asked about a zazzle based revenue sharing scheme instead of directly paying artists. Many suggested I should just pay them. Now I would like to ask how much do you think it would cost?

Some things I might be interested in(some of it is most certainly out of the budget, but I ask anyway):

3D Characters, modeling only
rigging(Can you save very much if you say FK only, like for still shots?)
How about fur?

And 2D stuff, like
concept art
full comics
parts of comics separately, like backgrounds and characters

I know there is a wide range of costs in all these areas based on skill and specifics but I wanted to know some ballpark ranges, and just general thoughts. I think even if I can’t afford to commission the whole ting maybe if I “outsourced” pieces of it, I could specialize a little more.

Not to nit pick, but i’m pretty sure i was the only one to say that… lol

As to prices, generally speaking, there is no set value. If you consider how much you get paid to work per day, then expecting someone to make a unique piece of work for you is certainly going to cover their ‘daily wage’ /time spent on the item(s)

It’s only when you dab into the realm of student and hobbiest for work which they will do on the side for discount, but you will most likely be cutting on quality.

My best recommendation for you is to provide very specific, targeted free ‘hosting’. Create a site where comics are well categoriesed and listed, allow easy uploading etc… etc… and let people create accounts and upload their comics AND allow them to intergrate it into their own sites (leeching of you site a bit, but it should be fine) Add advertisments (dont go craxy with them either) and sit back.