How mutch to charge $$ ? Please help.

I have an oportunity as a freelancer to build a web site for a new organisation. A friend of mine told me to create a sumission for the contract. Althought I know exactly what they would need (from what my friend told me) I have no idea how mutch to charge them. ($$$)

The web site would need the following pages:

First: Buy the domain name and pay for a 1 year web site hosting (I’m the one who has to find one)

Pages (titles are subject to change)

  • Home
  • about us (resume on the same page for each person full time employe))
  • Portfolio (for each personne full time employe)
  • A Paypal donation widget
  • Contact us
  • Links to social media accounts (at least Facebook and twitter)
  • News or Blog ( for up to date ‘‘what ever’’ the companie wants to share on their site)
  • Blogs for each client (every client will be able to communicate their project through the site.)
  • admistrator of the web site for a year. (how mutch should I charge for 1 year as admin of the web site?)
  • I may be missing a few but out of my head those are the major pages I’d have to create.

So please for those of you who has experience in this domain, how mutch should I ask??


hey man, I just recently created a website for a production company for a friend and charged $800 for everything. That included the logo creation, website, content writing and design. Just charge what you feel comfortable with. A professional company quoted my friend at $3k which seemed a bit steep, another quoted at $1k. Just do some research for your local market to see what the best price would be. Hope that helps, good luck man.

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The Jobs forums are for people making offers of work (hopefully using Blender), not for advice on what you should charge to build a website.

Thanks for the response. It did help.

You’re right I havent thought about it that way although some of the web site content will probably be done with Blender since it’s all about Fan Made Short Movies. And I"m one of the permanent employe (if all goes well)
But I get your point. :slight_smile: