How Nitrox GUI works?

Anyone has had a sucessful render with nitrox or
know any other network render program for winxp?
I’m using the GUI version.

I’ve got Nitrox working with a mixture of Win2K and WinXp. What sort of problems are you having with it?

It is pretty straight forward to get up and running. I would prefer if it worked from a command line though as you have to physically run blender on all machines to access the GUI.

Give me more details of your problem and I’ll see if I can help.

When I use nitrox 0[1].6 beta I get a warning:could not determine argv[0] path.
I also get a unable to create directory.

When using Nitrox blender G.U.I the blend file gets received then I get a
warning:could not determine argv[0] path

All of this is on the clients side…I have a feeling it’s something simple and
whats the deal with the blend receive dir: ?I really don’t know what it’s for, it wasn’t explain in the readme but when I assign it to certain folders it renders all the avi,jpegs,bmps etc to the save rendered files on the server,then there is a blend. file leftover in the receive dir: .I’m new to all this Python scripting so let me know if I have to go in an change somthing.


Just checking…hmmmm…nobody.