How off Grab mode ?

Is there any way to switch off grab mod when moving cursor whith left mouse button?

In the user preferences window there is an option to set which button you select with. ( views and controls)

. i know this thing in preferenses but i want to switch off another problem will be with any button.left or right.

i need to select whith left button but whithout grabing if i move cursor. when i select vertexes fast this option dont help me. it grab when i dont need it. i want to select another vertex whith shift but it began grab all vertexes that i select before.only becouse of this option.(move cursor-it will grab) so it take time to push esc or ctrl z ( to cancell grab or grab resalt).this my problem is when you select vertex fast one to another.
i hope i tell clearly.sry bad english. so is there any method to switch off this?
thx for reply anyway