How old are blender users?!

I’ve been reading lots of posts and wondering how old people are. My guess is that there are quite a lot of teenagers on here. Me, I’m in the 21-30 bracket.

This is #6, I believe.

Matey, please stop throwing that thing. It’s as annoying as the threads you put it in.

Castleman, this reaction is being caused by the fact that threads nearly identical to this one are posted about every six weeks or so. Use the search function to find one, and read the “Common Threads and Polls” sticky.

Dittohead, can we please have one of these threads made a sticky, so this would not be asked anymore?


I searched but for some reason it came up with no results for a couple of related queries.

Sorry again. Good idea to get one of them put as a sticky.

please read:

thank you.

I thought Common Threads would be helpful enough, but it appears I’m wrong.