how old are u ? and give us ur profile

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how old are u? its come to my atention the blender following is very multicultural and spans a large age group but just how old are u.

answer answer or i will eat a monkey (dont be sick u sick minded person u)

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The Blender usergroup is a very multicultural group. I would like to expand on this a bit as well. I recall a thread on that had a little bio of a bunch of people that posted to the thread. I would like to start this again, as it is nice to know where people are from, what they do, etc.

Here is my dull life:

Real name: Derek Marsh
Age: 30
From: Cambridge, Ontario Canada - about an hour southwest of Toronto
Occupation: Sales
Status: Married with 3 kids (10,4, and a recently turned 1 year old :smiley: )
How Long with Blender: About 1 year now (I think, /me is caught up in the blur of the last year and can’t quite remember)

That’s about all that I can legeally post :wink: , so, lets here what you all have to say as well.


PS - now you know where the DM comes from in the nic.

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not a bad idea.

real name: stephen ford
age: 20
From: Cardiff in Wales
Ocupation: Im jobless if anyone wants to give me a job just email me :wink:
Status: Single
How long with blender: ive known of blender since ver 1.6 but ive been blending for 3 years now

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As well be over with it.

My name is Jean Montambeault.

I live in Montreal, Canada and just love it.

I studied cabinet making (ébénisterie), worked as one some 15 years and slowly crept up the ladder. Presently project manager for museum exposition, the hardware part (furniture, showcases, lighting to an extent, graphics a lot…). In practice that means mostly nursing worried budget managers, our closest (and bitchiest) clients.

I use Blender since dec 21, 2001. Prior to that i played with Pov-Ray for a couple of month a couple of years ago.

As for the age, yes, I’m the one, barely and yet…
So to this :

(boy ur getting old)

I answer : SHUT UP!


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If I remember well Malefico did a similar thread on the old Community… but that’s lost :slight_smile:

But you have my short CV on CJ #1 :stuck_out_tongue:


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My guess is he is quite young to perceive 40-49 as getting old.

(joecool) #7

here goes nothing.
no really, nothing.

my name is Joe DeGroff
well, that’s about as far as that goes…hehe

actually, I am going into 11th grade, --I’m 16–
and I have no life whatsoever.
most of my time is spent doing something on the computer.
I have been using Blender since July of 2001. almost my 1 year anniversary!
and I STILL can’t model worth beans! hehe

(Pooba) #8

Hi, my name is Sam Tregillus.
I’m 14 and will be starting 9th grade in August.
I’ve been with blender for about 1 1/2 years and, like Joecool, I still can’t model worth crap. I’m really more into the game stuff than with imaging and animation. I also play Tennis and love biking, hiking, and playing computer games :slight_smile: .


(Goofster) #9

I’ll give my answers in the next CJ ok?

(Riskbreaker) #10

boredom sets in…might aswell go with it…

Real Name : Ray.
Age : 19.
Sex : Not just yet, maybe later?.
Location : Sydney, Australia
Occupation : Lazy bastard (no, seriously).
Marital Status : Single
Relation to Blender: Since v1.8, on and off.
Hobbies : Martial Arts, Video games, visual art, music, movies
: manga and anime.
Education : Not much.

Oh yeh, there’s Physics i took in high school,
but its all a bit blurry. Also theres Art Theory & Practice and Music. (I must be so bored to tell you guys all of this).


(Detritus) #11

Hey! I find it highly discriminating that inmortal isn´t an option!

(gargola) #12

[email protected] he he! :slight_smile:

(WayStar) #13

Real Name: Waylena McCully

Age: 31

Gender: female

Location: Champaign, Illinois, USA (2 hours south of Chicago)

Occupation: Planetarium Show Producer

Marital Status: single, no kids

How Long a Blender User: Tried v1.8, ignored it until v2.0 came with a magazine. Had played with POV-Ray for months before finally trying v2.0.

Use Blender…: mostly to make space things that I can project in the planetarium either as still images or animations. In any case, the renders are created with odd contrasts and no backgrounds to ensure that the objects will appear to float in space.

Hobbies: Astronomy, Science Fiction, British TV Sitcoms, learning new things (right now it’s Linux, last summer it was Accounting)…

Education: B.A. in Geography, additional coursework according to interests

(pofo) #14

Real Name: Pontus Forsberg
Age: 20
Gender: male
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Occupation: Engineering student (physics) since two years
Status: single

Used Blender since november 2000 I think, 1.8 anyway.

Use Blender for stills, not worth crap when it comes to animations and games. But my modelling can get pretty good if I spend lots and lots of time on it.

Hobbies: Drawing (recently), painting, biking, cooking (and eating), reading (SF mostly), skiing, hiking.

Education: Well I read alot of physics and math (oh what fun!) :smiley:

  1. pofo

(Rob) #15

Yes I am old, not quite 40 but close. I have been using Blender on and off for about 2 years, when I have time as I have a family. I have no artistic talent and so will never be a pro, it its just really good to seen what can be done. The on line tutorials are great to do. I wish Blender was around when I was 14!


(kerosene) #16


well. it’s late, so let’s keep it short (heh):

real name: matthias derer
age: 20
location: germany
status: engaged (5 1/2 years relationship.)
occupation: student (computer science / psychology)
first time blender: i use blender since v1.6 (quite a long time now… heh)
hobbies (baah!.. u really wanna know? lol): musik (hiphop (i freestyle in a crew), dub, lounge, jazz, blues…), design (2d&3d), chillin’ (g), movies (quentin tarantino, david lynch, …)

as i said… it’s late… so n8 all :slight_smile:

(blengine) #17

real name: chris plush
age: 18
From: philly pa usa
Ocupation: jobless 12th grade dropout
Status: single, and its gonna stay that way till i found a philly girl who isnt a dead head…or maybe just move to another state/country/world… :wink:
How long with blender: about 2 years now…lil over…loving it all the way

hey kib, are u gonna setup those picture feilds in the profiles?

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If I remember well Malefico did a similar thread on the old Community… but that’s lost

Yup, a shame. However now I have the chance to change all my data !

Name: Malefico
Real Name: William Gates (the 3rd). People call me “Bill”.
Occupation: Trying to reverse engineering Blender to convert it into a Windows XXXP (future secret project) application or something.
Age: You know me.

I temporarily live in Argentina, that’s why I forgot most of my english !
:o :o :o

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Hey! I find it highly discriminating that inmortal isn´t an option!

that would be 50+

(boy ur getting old)

I answer : SHUT UP!

awwww look at the grumpy old man :stuck_out_tongue:
sorry im 20 an still a juvenile delinquant

(IamInnocent) #20

awwww look at the grumpy old man :stuck_out_tongue:
sorry im 20 an still a juvenile delinquant


You’re a juvenile, period.