How old is Blender?

If you go to the very first post in this topic = 1970

Blender was created in the same year as the dot matrix printer?
The same year Intel created the first microprocessor - Intel 4004?

Intel announces the 1103, a new memory chip containing more than 1,000 bits of information. This chip is classified as random-access memory (RAM)."

Whenever you see a date in early 1970, count it up as a bug… some timestamp being reset to 0 somewhere.

Computers generally store dates and times as a number of seconds since a specific time. POSIX standards (and, surprisingly, Windows too) put that time as midnight at the start of 1 January 1970 - commonly referred to as “epoch”.

Isn’t it 1994 ? I thought it was around there, and it has been released on the web in 1998 ? not sure, but that’s what I thought. Btw ask Ton to be sure. :wink:

This should be helpfull :slight_smile: .