How old were you when starting with Blender

Hey everyone, if I have missed any similar thread please feel free to link it down below, I didn’ find any by now.

This question is important to me, because I feel that I have started pretty late working in Blender with 21. Seeing so many success stories of people starting at 15 and younger, I wonder how some of you guys see this. I don’t think that I am too old for doing this, also I highly doubt there is a “too old” for starting to use Blender. But I am curious seeing all those awesome work here, or at Artstation, what an age people start working at their art skills.

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I started at 34 which was just 3 months ago.

You’ll drive yourself crazy comparing yourself in this way because you will never have the head start some people have.

Some start sooner, or have more money for tutorials or better computers and so on, there will always be people who have an advantage over you, you can’t let it pull you down.

And there is no need to either. You could not start Blender for another 40 years, twice the life you have lived and you would still have probably 20 years ahead of yourself to work on blender.


LOL. I first experienced Blender pre version 2.5. I hated it. I came back some time after that and liked it. I used it infrequently though. Started using it more a couple of years ago. Then most recently I’ve started using it a lot. Like from this time last year. I will be 49 at the end of the month. I’ve learned more about Blender in the past 12 months than I had in all the years previous. :slight_smile:

EDIT: It should be noted though that on and off I’ve been drawing and the like for most of those years, and doing 2D digital art and the like for about 15-20.

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That’s cool, what sort of stuff are you making John?

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I started with version 2.42 which was about 2006 I think. So I was 40. :slight_smile:

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Mostly this stuff:

I think it’s roughly in chronological order with the Dragon being started almost a year ago to the day. The WH40K Dreadnought thing is the oldest though. It was me finishing off a model I started a long time ago.

I started at 36-37 a few years ago :slight_smile:


it was 22 years ago. I only saw blender but never really tried using it. There was no tutorials for me. I then purchased true space 4.2. After that I quit with all artwork, my attempts at making models was horrifying. So was my attempt at drawing. Gave up making video games, even though I still dreamed about it till this day. Later microsoft purchased truespace, and then shut it down. All this happened to me back in Windows 95, during Windows 98. Knew about blender, but never got anywhere, because I could never find any instruction video, or only course that could teach me artwork. Video games was my goal. Finally, someone had a tutorial on digital painting, ctrl + paint website. Learned artwork for the first time, 1 year ago. Now I’m reviewing the digital painting, because I now have motivation to make digital paintings, other than video games.

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Wow some really great work. Do you have a photography background? Just curious as some of the depth of field shots have a great feel to them.

Cheers Nathan. No photography background as such. I do have an old DSLR mind you and I tend to gravitate towards camera settings that are somewhat like my favourite lens - An old Minolta “beercan” - 70-210mm f4

Right, oh well was worth a guess haha. Happy Blendering

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I was 15 when I got my hands on Blender 2.33, I am 30 now. My current account on BA has been active for 13 years.

I originally got Blender to use the built-in game engine (as a way to move to 3D after making 2D games with Gamemaker). I wasn’t getting very far in making actual games at the time, but I did get hooked on the art making aspect.

My work only improved as Blender got better, most notably in the last several years with Cycles and more recently the Filmic transform.

I was 46. That was 6 years ago. I use blender to model custom cnc patterns. The last two years have been focused on learning more than geometry modeling.

Started at age 45 or 46 and in a few weeks I am 51.
And it feels I am in a hurry continuously making it (content creation/3D-design) a little bit more than a passion. I believe being able to make impressive graphics is powerful; you can convince people your idea’s.

Maybe offtopic: Funny is on LinkedIn people ask me if I need video-explainer videos. You know those 2D animations saying “Hello I am Johnny and I am going to explain….”. I wonder “Don’t they know that there are thousands of creators make much more impressive animations with Game-engines and Blender”. Maybe that market is a bit behind the facts. (like when you apply for a job ‘Did you learn adobe?’.

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I was 21. It was before Blender was open source, around 1.7X versions. I was obsessed with the idea of 3D rendering since I had my first contact with games like Descent, Quake or Tekken. My main modeller was AC3D or directly writing the mesh data into arrays after plotting it isometrically on ruled paper (useful for VRML97).

I still remember “OTO the gardener” from this forum back there, one of the best low poly modellers back then.

Yeah 21 is not old by any stretch of the imagination. I started about 2 years ago and I’m turning 41 next month. I previously tried my hand at 3d back on the Amiga video toaster with lightwave but it was way to slow for my patience as a kid that I lost interest. Wasn’t till recently that I found this wonderful thing called “open source” and a kitchen appliance called Blender that it peaked my interest again. The rest is history.

I was 21 years old :slight_smile: