How, Powerful a Intel HD 4000 can be ?

Hi to all:

When I buyed my laptop my money only was enough for a cheap 14" intel-i3 laptop,
with no dedicated Graphic card just the integrated intel HD-4000, I thinked it was a
unuseful graphic card, but a short time ago I found some YouTube videos of some
guys playing a whole lot of new games on a Intel HD 4000 like :
Crysis 3 (24-33 FPS) :eyebrowlift:,
RAGE ( , FPS where not displayed),
Serious sam 3 ( etc.
So, what do you think? I think Intel is doing better graphic cards, so if you are planning buying
a new PC/Laptop and don’t find a one wth a Nvidia/AMD graphic card I think you could use one
with a Intel HD 4000 until you spare enough to buy a Dedicated Graphic card or when
Blender support better OpnCL (a Intel HD 4000 has support for OpenCl 1.2).

And please excuse my bad English.

Here’s one who got 35 FPS on Crysis 3 :

Re: Intel CPUs and GPUs using OpenCL. Check here to compare (not Cycles but still):