How powerfull is BlenderGE

I know, I asked you the same question a while ago… But after I made a basic race game, I am thinking of using BlenderGE for more serious games.
But somthing I still worry about is this post

Isn’t there any way to get rid of that hardware problem?


Is it an old post? The game is locked at the physics tic rate and should run the same on all cards.

Thats great!
Another litle question:) : how many polygons can the engine take?

Thanks for your reply


Thats a good question Fenryal, Ive been wondering that as well as if there is a way to make large levels in the blender ge

You can make large levels in the game engine. Just do not put any thing to big on the level and it will do fine.

Thanks for your reply,
what do you mean with “any thing to big” exactly?


Regarding the power of the game engine it should become a lot more powerful then it is now once it becomes a plugin system with OGRE intergration, for now i’d say you could get up to a few 10’s of thousands of polys in size that are rendered at once.

what a mean is the level can be big with a lot of objects but the objects have to be low Polygon.

Ah, ok, I’ll keep that in mind.


and it is the same with the textures. tire to yews small textures but yews big ones with big objects and small ones with small objects.:wink:

There is no set amount amount of polygons in a scene, it all depends on your hardware. Also for textures I suggest using 512 x 512 images, they seem to work the best. Levels can be as big as you want, if you simply make a bunch of work arounds (things not being invisble until you get near, low polygons on each object, low amounts of seperate objects, ect).

Thanks for the tip, that will come in handy:)

also the number of dynamic objects in your game can have an effect on the render speed.

not as much since the bullet physics