How quickly to wrap a bézier curve around a branch of tree

Hi everyone,
in my scene, I want to add a tree with a swing. The swing is linked to the tree with a thread. I want that the thread wraps a tree’s branch without leaving spaces as It happens to me (see the image below).

I used a circle with 6 points with the (bézier ) curve and array modifier to create copies of the object and deform it along the curve. There are the branches of the tree that obstruct the sight. I’d want to know if it’s possible ( in a faster way ) to wrap the bézier curve around the branch of the tree without leaving spaces. I know that I may reach to this result by extruding and rotate a move each handler, but It’s very time consuming because when you move a point of a handler, then, other parts of the curve will be moved, and it’s difficult in this case because the shape of the branch it’s irregular and the tree has on its back other annoying branches; moreover I’d want to make other 3/4 laps around the branch. Can you help me? :smiley:

select a loop from the branch, Separate key “P”. Convert to path and then loft

Thank you. However, I solved my issue using the Snap tool.
1)I duplicated and moved the tree to a different layer.
2)I selected and deleted the annoying tree’s branches that blocked my sight.
3)I turned the Snap tool on.
4)I anchored a handler of a Bezier curve to the branch of the tree I wanted the taps would have been repeated.
3)Then I set the handlers to “Vector” an I extruded the Bézier curve around the branch until I reached to the number of wished taps.

I made this in a few minutes. Your method is good too, but I had to create a series of linked rounds ( such as the shape of a snake ) - a thread around a pole - moreover, I had to extend the thread to the swing’s wooden plane on the ground.

Could try drawing with the grease pencil (hold down D and click and drag) and then convert the grease sketch to a curve. The “simplify curves” Add-on is useful here, since the resultant geometry will be fairly noisy.
You can also use the Shrinkwrap modifier. Just be sure to enable all the toggles so it shrinkwraps the curve instead of the whole round profile.