How Realistic Is This Gear Simulation?

Hi! I sketched an enveloping worm gear pair and now using physics, rigid body & constraints they seem to work smoothly. Is there some more good settings to make the test more realistic? Metal friction etc.

Is there some way to show color flash or sparks where the collisions happen?

EnvelopingWormDriveNWheelTest-PR1.blend (1.72 MB)

Blender 2.78b

Its perfectly fine!
I don’t think there is any reason for sparks though.

How did you make a tooth on gear wheel? What is the principle? I made a worm with the help of OTVINTA


but gear wheel tooth is problematic (as you can see in their video) - your globoid works perfectly smooth!

I’m trying to make a worm with 3 teeth and a wheel with 10 teeth but animation stops… Can you make video how you did you made wheel tooth in Blender?

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