How safe is it to Overclock?

this is just a general computer question, but how safe is it to overclock? what are the chances that I will kill my processor?

I am not that geek savy, but I saw a vid from a link here in the forums where a guy removed the heat-sinks from a couple computers and overclocked them and not only did it fry the processor…it blew a hole in the motherboard…and a hole strait through the table it was sitting on.

I have a big heatsink and fan, and I’ve heard that my processor overclocks quite well, but I don’t want to fry a $250 processor.

Doesn’t that money buy something like an Amd64 3500+? Why on earth would you need to overclock something like that?

Obviously, it depends how much you overclock it. I know a guy who had a REALLY old processor in his PC, and, using an overclocking utility, overclocked it by around 5x its initial speed :o . He then bought an Athlon 3200, I think it was, and put it in the same PC. He then decided to overclock again. Unfortunately, he simply pressed the ‘on’ button in the overclocking utility, without changing the settings. Unfortunately, Athlon 16,000 processors don’t really work. Cue much smoke and cursing.

I’m not talking about 8ghz or anything, just 2.0 to 2.4, using motherboard clock settings.

I’ve never tried myself, but from talking to friends you basically want to do it in very small increments, while keeping an eye on the temperature of the chip using utility. Caution at all costs!

Overclocking really depends on the processor, motherboard and the cooling you have. Personally I have overclocked one of my computers from 1.6 to 2.1 ghz, without problem (going above 2.1 ghz causes system instability and the computer simply won’t boot up). However I have some doubts as to the validity of those videos mentioned before, though I am not cancelling out the possibility of the mobo exploding altogether.

Simply put overclocking can be safe so long as you know what you’re doing. While it can fry your processor, most likely the computer simply won’t be able to go into windows (or whatever OS you’re using). However overclocking might affect your processor’s lifespan, in which case you might want to reconsider before trying it out.