How should I approach complex clothing?

Hello Blender community!

I am stuck.
I’m currently working on a Half life Cremator, a cut passive enemy.

I have never worked much with soft surface modeling and the character has some very complex clothing.

Right now I started with the hood that connects up over the sleeves to the rest. I tried sculpting it and failed spectacularly. I thought about cloth sims, although I wouldn’t know how to approach it either since I would have to actually stitch the coat first and built a skeletal mesh.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

My progress entirely with box modeling:

with cloths you start with a basic figure, that has a bone setup (for example rigify, but i dont know if that works with halflife).
Well next is to add some invisible helper object ea a lower geometry version of you model.
It only functions as a separator between the body and the cloth and to ease the collision detection for the cloth sim.
It usually is slightly more ‘fat’ then the original model just to make sure it gives some space between the real model and the cloth, because if you dont have that your original model shines trough something you would not want.

Its also possible to remove mesh parts of the original model, ea if you dont see a torso, remove it, and only keep a low poly version of it in place, on which the cloth can work.

Oh and notice there is some experimental branch with improved clothsim.

I hope you find this usefull, this is the blenderway.

That type of cloth doesnt even need to be modelled in any specific way. Because it doesnt even have the shape of the body overall. The only thing you need to be worried about is that the arms fit in the correct position and the bottome is wide enough to see the legs… thats all. Of course minor tweaks will be needed but you dont need any specific technic to model that coat… lol. It is not like it is a shirt or pants that needs to be fit into the body shape. Those actually need to be modelled in an specific way, but this coat? its amazingly easy to model, because precisely you dont need to worry about it… in fact this is not “complex” clothin… its precisely the opposite…