How should I approach modeling this sword hilt?


I’ve started dabbling in Blender a couple weeks ago and I’m currently trying to model an Alliance faction sword from the upcoming WoW expansion with intention of 3D printing it later. I got the bottom part down quite nicely, but I can’t think of any effective way to model the hilt and it’s ‘cascading’ details. All I know is that I should probably use the Arraymodifier and possibly an empty, but besides that I’m completely lost :frowning: Please help, thanks all in advance.

from left

  • cube
  • scaled
  • vertices moved up
  • middle loop scaled
  • and beveled
  • horizontal loops selected and rip connected (rip fill), then scaled along x and y
  • forms refined with bevel modifiers, smooth shading and auto smooth enabled

At 32.15 in this tutorial is a good solution to your question.

Wow, I had never used Rip Fill before - thats very cool!

Thank you so much! Having not ever using rip fill, I would never think of that solution. Worked out exactly how I wanted :slight_smile:

Likewise, you learn something new every day! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, exactly what I was looking for. Having not ever used Rip Fill before I had no idea it could be done this way :slight_smile: