How should I exactly "link" objects?

So I want to link an object to my main scene.

So I would first go into FileLink

I then navigate to the correct object and click on the *.blend file. and then I see this:


So what should I exactly import, I am confused over here?

Usually you want to have all the objects you want to link inside a collection, then you link that collection. Let me know if that’s enough

Sorry mate but I am not too sure how I would do that? It seems to only give me one option to import.

Fox example you want to link into your “scene 01” a “trunk” you’ve created in another file.
In your “Trunk” file you put everything you want to link into a collection (select the meshes, press M, create new collection called “name you like”) than save. Open your “Scene 01” file. File–>Link–>select trunk.blend–>collection–>click on the collection “name you like”–> link.
It should be now linked in your “scene 01” file

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