How should I model cables?

Hello guys.

I am currently working on a model of a gaming PC. I want to create it as close to the real thing as possible. I want to know about how should I go about modeling the Cable sleeving or sleeved cables?

what should i use- Curves or mesh? How will i create a perfect curve? And what about the texture?

Here are some pictures what i am trying to create.

Thanks in advance.

I’d use a curve to start, and convert it to a mesh, unwrap it and texture it.

Plugs at the end and fittings can be modeled.

Since the cable is basically repeating, you can model a small part (basically one section) and then bake it for normal/bump texture creation. After that you can create a basic mesh and deform it to match the mesh you modeled before (the cable has a ridge on the outline that i don’t think can be replicated by a texture). After that you just have to array the basic mesh along a curve after applying the texture.

search pages here there is a model already made with UV map for this type of shielded cable

see around P21 22 23
got some carbon fibers and shielded wires

happy cl

This looks similar. BLENDswap

It’s for cycles ^ in case that is a issue

Thanks for the answers guys. So it means that I will have to create a model for normal maps for later use and then create arrays for the group of cables. Looks like a long job. Is there any quicker way to do this? How can I bring a bit of randomness in some of the strands? They are not perfect mirrors. The materials linked don’t have the separate texture so I think i will have to create the texture myself.

You could use this technique to create the basic mesh for the cable texture, and then use the array and curve modifier to do the cables, since it’s actual geometry with a modifier, you wouldn’t have to unwrap anything; also keeping the curve modifier allows you to make changes later without much trouble.

@julperado – great technique, thanks! This will work great for a project I’m working one.

I imagine tissue would work too

Thanks for the tutorial julperado. I would try it and see how it goes. Though I think it will be a bit memory intensive.

SO yeah tried with bezier curves and the results are currently satisfying. make a curve with the required size and then use a array modifier. It is taxing but easier to setup and control. Here is a screenshot (it is without subsurf) -

I will have to create a custom textures for the material. Will upload the material if it looks good.