How should I model this radar dish?

How should I model this radar dish?

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You should create a cubic segment, then repeat it with an Array modifier, then curve the whole thing with a modifier (Warp for example)

Here’s what I would do to get a basic shape.

  1. Use the default cube and modify accordingly to overall shape
  2. Use two deformer modifiers to get the shape you want (see pic).
  3. Apply those two modifiers so you have the geometry to work with
  4. In edit mode, select all and delete “only faces” so you’re left with edges only
  5. Convert that to a curve
  6. Apply the required thickness and changes you need.
  7. Then convert back to a mesh to modify even more.

Good luck!

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hmmm…that may not be the best method because when you convert to mesh from a curve, they actually don’t connect properly…


I would suggest taking a section of a quadratic sphere, and then adding (and applying a solidify modifier, then add and apply wireframe modifier. Handle the slats and the stem in the center as seperate geometry.

My 2 centicreds worth.

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Stretch the UV sphere, separate the part that will be the dish and, using J or its counterpart, create the grill. Then extrude it all. Remove faces only and apply Skin or Wireframe modifier

for a more realist antenna you would need part of a 3D parabola
but depends what you want !

happy bl

Okay, here is the result.


Looks good! :grinning: :metal: :+1:

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