How should I model this?

How should I model this?

It’s the Joe Louis fist, a monument to boxing legend Joe Louis in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

Probably the easiest way would be to start with a rigged character and give him a fist, then use the shrinkwrap modifier to shrink a mesh around it, apply the modifier, then sculpt? There are of course many ways to do it.


Okay i should have looked at the link name before… but just clicking it leads to the main site of some image hoster… thats’s not the smart way to ask for some help :wink:

Anyway: If you aren’t able to make you own hand model: just search: free 3d model hand and refine it…


Hey there!

I am not much into characters. You either use a cc0 something and refine it, or start from scratch.

You may do a cube, make it a long brick.
Add in loop cuts, extrude 4 ways for fingers, one for thumb, then loop cuts again and extrude to get the main shape.
Then subdivide, and refine.
Then sculpt.
Then remesh.

But really, just my thoughts. :grin:

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Maybe this tutorial will be helpful for you.

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