how should one best start out?

I am not planning on doing any major projects in Blender. But I do need, what I hope to be a simple project. But, maybe its not so simple.

What topics should I look to be learning, to complete this project? I am hoping to find online resources, so I don’t have to buy any books, and I am really unfamiliar with 3-D terminology and the like, so I don’t know what I should be looking for, expect for generic terms which bring back tutorials that - I wouldn’t know are good or bad. I am looking to learn something, not just copy someone’s work.

I need to recreate a spray bottle. The bottle will have a label. The bottle will have some edges, its not a 90 degree angle at the bottle, it tapers to the top, where a trigger sprayer to screwed on. For now, I am more concerned about the lable.

So what processes should I be looking to create this?

In a normal 2-D program (I have CorelDraw), I would start with a circle, and extrude it, but I don’t have the capability there to add a spray trigger, or wrap an image around the bottle. I am not even sure if extruding is a proces sin Blender, or it could mean an entirely different process. I am sure that 3-D rendering of animation in Blenderis a massive undertaking, so that is why I am asking for what concepts I should be focusing on to get started.

So what processes should I be looking to create this?

Step 1 - do not start trying to model this until step 2 completed and understood
Step 2 - learn the basics of how blender works and what the various tools do