How should this curve be connected for smooth subdiv

Every thing i’ve tried has resulted this area looking wrinkled when adding a subdivision surf modifier. Whats the best way to connect the vertices?

That’s what happens when you have n-gons (polygons with more than 4 vertices.)

The only fix is proper topology- no n-gons. Instead of one big polygon, you’ll want to break that area up into smaller polygons of 4 vertices each


Thanks for the tip! I came up with this, but I cant figure out a way to connect the last two vertices. What would you recommend?

You can get that looking pretty good even with the ngons (though I agree with J, on non-flat surfaces ngons are better avoided). Shade the bottle smooth, turn auto-smooth on, and crease the edges around the logo (you can either crease or create support loops around the inset). Unless you’re doing extreme closeups that might smooth enough.

You can use a highly specular matcap to check for smoothness, which works better than the default material – Blender comes with a red, glossy one that I use for such purposes. It shows every little deviation when you slowly rotate your model and watch around the trouble spots.

I cleaned the whole thing up a little – redid the inset because that was off. Those very thin to larger irregular strips of ngons are not good. If keeping the poly count low doesn’t matter, you can get rid of those ngons by running loop cuts around the bottle between them, like I did here. This isn’t the best way to do it, because it’s wasteful and one should reroute instead (denser topology should be reserved for areas that need more detail), but it is a fast fix. You can see the shading is good even very very close up.
ngon be gone

But I think that if you’re not under time pressure, it’s probably worth to learn how to create better topology, especially after booleans. Josh Gambrell has some shortish videos on topology and how to fix it on YT, which I found useful.

This video by JL Mussi is also good: – he uses Maya but it doesn’t matter, the principles are the same.


Thanks for this! I’ll be sure to check out those videos.

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