How should your Blender models be used?

I’ve heard a lot of differing opinions on this subject in the last several months, but how does the Blender community in general feel about the subject?

Free for non-commercial use only. Not like Gregg Collins. B**tard… :<

Eh… yeah.

Hell, if I had enough web space, I would post every blend file I make. Even ones that are not finished.

At that rate, if anyone wants a blend file, just PM me and I will be more than happy to share.

Hand painted texture though, are a different story. If I was asked nicely, then maybe. And it would also depend on who was asking. Just my opinion on that end of things.


How about:

Creative Commons for some work and All my own for others.

For those wondering, this poll is only intended to get an idea about how the Blender community feels about their own work :wink:

I think that’s completely reasonable, even if you had a large website.

Textures can be a lot of work, and they can also “make or break” a model. I don’t include the same textures I use in commercial projects when I release the models. This ensures that no one can exactly duplicate my work, but the models are still useful.

Cool. I plan on releasing some of my work under CC in the future… but like you, I will not release everything that way. :wink:

I think it is up to every individual to decide if they want to keep it as their own or share it to public, actually just commen sense… heh %|

I could not agree more. But my opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to the works created by other people. IMO, the creator can do whatever they want.

I could not agree more. But my opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to the works created by other people. IMO, the creator can do whatever they want.[/quote]

So why isnt that? you mean that if you created a model or scene or models that generated loads of money for you and your daily life, you simply give it away for free? that doesn’t make sense to me…

The models I offer for free are because I choose and/or are allowed to do that. Many models I cannot offer at all, because they are bound by other commitments. My choice in releasing models is to make them free for non-commercial use… but I expect to make money from them if they are used for commercial purposes.

But what I do with my work does not dictate what other people should do with their work. If someone wants to give away their creative efforts with no strings attached, that is their choice.

Likewise, if someone only makes their work available for money, I respect that and understand it.

It is the choice of the creative individual… isn’t it?

My choice is that I believe the encouraging and educational aspects of sharing some of my work are worth giving some of it away for free. I taught art & design in universities for several years… so I am making judgments because I value the potential educational aspects of making such a decision. But that doesn’t mean someone else should make the same decision I have.

Both the spirit and letter of gpl says that things you make with blender, but don’t contain any parts of blender, don’t necessarily have to be gpl (or a similar artistic license) themselves.
Any work created with blender is owned by its creator to use how he/she/it/they see fit. Some people may think that every blender work should be free for use, but people think that every computer program should be open-source and that’s not going to happen either.

Personally, rendered pictures are mine, but free for use with credit if people ask me. I will freely give tuts on how to do various parts if people ask, but I haven’t done anything nearly complicated enough yet :P. Sometimes I’ll give out part of the blend file also, but rarely the whole thing for a full artwork.


I’m just curious about the specific and individual choices and attitudes people have about their work. It is their freedom to make the choice, I’m just curious about what that choice is :slight_smile:

Just about everything that I make is for someone else or some other large project. Other people have mentioned that they would never give out their sorce files for something they have done for a client. This is understandable and I fell the same way.

The rest is stuff I make for my college classes. Those two constitue all of my good stuff.

I rarely make anything just for fun.

If I did make something that I’m proud of that wasn’t for a client I think I might offer the .blend file up for download but only if I felt that it would really benifit someone’s learning if I did. For the most part I would rather just keep the source files to myself. I’m not sure if it’s because I fear that people will use my work irresposibly or if it just ruins the “magic” of my final works. I would just rather keep the source files to myself.

Hehe, I finished a model for a project I’m working on and the modeling only took my 2 hours. The texture took my 6 days (and do a lot of digital painting work). I really got to do a video tutorial on texturing. I don’t think people realize how much of making a good 3D image is just being able to paint well.

I miss an option, I would like to share some of my models but surely not all of them.
So I cant say that for all of my models they should be free for non comercial use.
Only when i choose so.
I really dont understand the hype around the opensourceness of models made in an opensource program.
Why dont we ask ourselves the same for traditional artwork?
Or for writing?

I would support a repository of free models if it was to start, only if they would keep a database of the authors.

I dont have a problem with sharing my models. ALl of my “old” models are freely available now. And even some of my most recent models are for free.

The only thing i expect is proper crediting and some feedback for what my stuff was used.

Some people asked how i could make my stuff freely available, since it’s so good (where “good” is relative). In my eyes models, which i created lying on my harddisk rotting serve no purpose.
I wont make money of them (sometimes i am not even allowed to) so why not sharing them with others.

I learned a lot of things from other models or simply got inspired by them. Now that i can return this favour i would be a bad guy if wasnt providing my models.

UGH! I just realized that maybe that was what ztonzy was getting at? I didn’t mean to imply that I’ve been giving away commercial work.

I’m contracted for video, animation, design or other still work. Many times I use Blender as my “sketchpad,” setting up ideas for scenes… but Blender and 3D models are rarely used in the finished product. Even when I do use Blender as a part of the finished work, I never give away the scenes, the animations, or anything completed. There is a lot of post-processing and “hand-work,” none of which can be reproduced with Blender – you would need hundreds of files all from other applications. In many cases, I am only one of several different contractors working on the project… further making it impossible to reproduce the results with a simple model.

Now if I was contracted to do (for example) a commercial for a product, and then I gave away the exact model of that product, that would be very bad. But that’s not the kind of work I do.

I’m never contracted to make 3D models, or to use Blender. I’m contracted to make something, and they don’t care if I use a pencil, oil paint, cardboard boxes, midgets in dresses, or photographs of snot rags – as long as I deliver the results they want :wink:

:frowning: That sounds so sad… no fun at all?

Hand work, especially the “human touch,” really makes a difference. Maybe one day you can show us a sample of the work :wink:

I moved this to News & Chat section, as we discussed this in the MOderators forum and everyone agreed this would be a better place for this topic.

I agree totally here. That is a must. I don’t mind if my models are used freely for eithe commercial, or non-commercial projects. Just make sure you don’t pawn it off as your own.

That is the whole purpose of sharing the model in the first place. To learn from it. See how other people do things and take that to your own work. I wish this model sharing was a little more prevalent when I was first using Blender. I would be better than @ndy by now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think for a lot of 3Dmodels, giving them away is no big deal. I wouldn’t even give it second thought. Release it into the wild I say. For example, say you were creating this farm scene, trying to depict where you grew up. So, among other things, you modeled a wheel barrel for the scene.

After you close that project down, why not give away the wheel barrel for anyone to use for free commercial or not? It’s not like somebody is going to be making a ton of money out from underneath you. What will most likely happen is somebody is creating their own project and can really use some models that will save them time decorating their own scenes. They are creating or synthesizing a new creative work. Nothing wrong with getting help in the form of models. Saves you time so you can concentrate on the whole of the project. As well all know in 3D you can get caught up in the smallest thing.

Certainly, the borrower or user should, where appropriate (in credits in program or in a text file), give credit to whom the model work came from.

The main point is with everyday objects, unless it’s a special inventive design of an every day object like a new style phone you model for future invention… you might as well make it available.

With computer works, even the term ‘give’ is not really appropriate, because anytime you imply some form off loss, it’s misleading. You never lose your model. you made it, you used it for your purpose, and others might copy it. You still have your models. An important thing here is give and take. If the community creates, gives away, and takes, it’s a collaborative thing.

Now, for special objects like a model of future vehicle that doesn’t exist, I’d almost never allow commercial use, But hear me out. One reason is: Whats the point of somebody using my model. What are the chances it’s right for their work? If I made this really cool rocket for my movie it’s probably going to look out of place in other movies. If somebody really wanted to use it for a movie. I’d have to have a conversation with them. If they want to showcase my models, fine, give me a cut or credit if this is a commercial endeavor showcase. But why use my special creation for your project when it’s not appropriate? what are the chances it will fit your creative vision, in quality, style or technical arrangement.

Now if they make a derivative of their own, and is is reasonably changed, Then I’m good with it, because I can then take theirs, and make a derivative of that, etc.

We need to distinguish between derivatives and sampling. If you make that future vehicle tank with weapons, then I come across it one day searching, and you have modeled the exact turret I was envisioning for my other futuristic vehicle, well, what is wrong with sampling it? Taking just that portion and using it to enhance my work. For those of you who have created work like that, I’d venture to say you are consistently sampling whether you know it or not. Either you are sampling by copying from a different work, illustration, or you are again synthesizing from things you’ve experienced in some form, seen, touched, smelled, heard, sensed.

Sample vs derivative. A derivative might be to take your tank, and put all updated turrets and guns on it making it better (at least in my eyes) for the work I want to make.

We need to face it that copyright, ip ownership is basically about fear. Fear of loss of potential money, fear of losing our originality, fear of being beat to the market. Fear of starving, fear of not being the best. Why are we afraid? People have gotten burned before, it sticks with them… so they created laws to make them feel less afraid. Seems almost silly to me to be so attached that you make a law that stifles progress.

I’ve gotten over that fear by building up a lot of different skills, and being very client focused. If you go in any sales situation, you can win people with your personality, who you are. They will choose you because of YOU, your frienship, reliability, and care about their needs.

You cannot look at somebody else benefiting somehow from your work as a loss on your part. Why would you look at it that way? You don’t think of it that way, if you’re kids benefit from your work. You’ll go absolutely crazy thinking that way. Every day people benefit from others. Simplist case, If you have a boss at work, every day he or she is getting credit for your work from the VP executives. “Nice Job Kevin, you really keep a tight ship here… You’ve earned a bonus!”

Your good work gets your boss promotions and company cars, you don’t see a dime of that bonus, but is it really your loss when somebody benefits because of you? Interesting question. Do you hang out at the casino’s and when you see someone win big at the slots, you feel like it was money you lost because it could have been you in that seat?

Your hard work comes back to you. When people let others benefit, more ripples occur than any of us really know. Later on, you’ll be respected and thanked and asked to help and you’ll make friends, and you’ll cause others to want to contribute, and image that the community gets better, even if it is a small community of 3D designers. It’s almost always worth it. Stop the fear that you will end up in an endless spiral where you are constantly losing because people had access your knowledge.

Because all of us appreciate using Blender without paying any of our money for the use, is is common for this community of people to think that we should give all of our art away? I don’t really agree with that as a blanket statement. The community helped open the sources, and make it possible to do all this. So it’s been a group effort. So I think in your heart if you think you have taken too much without giving, then perhaps you should see where you can contribute. Sure not everyone will, but those who do, are the ones that will leave this world with less regret, and more understanding, more compassion, humility, and happiness.

I want to give one more example. Many of us play games and watch movies. We’ve seen over our lifespan the kind of quality that has exploded because of the technology. Remember what drives that technology… it’s the people who are making the games. They have a need, they envision something. It gets built. After that initial breakthrough, it gets copied, sampled, rearranged, and becomes what we consider the norm. For example, in any game I buy off the shelf today, I have a quality expectation of it. Even if it’s from a company I never bought from. Because I EXPECT for every person and company to be moving foward and making better models and improving texturing and the overall illusion of reality.

We are all supposed to drive things to improvements. Speed, quality, conservation, efficiency. Not because we’re machines but because we want to do it right, we want order. We have that expectation so we need to share, and build it up, not litigate, protect, hinder or tear down. So in your small way, you can make things better. 3D is a wonderful medium. You create, you shape, light, animate. It allows you to reuse, reshape, change perspective and size instantly. The goal is expression. We all have that goal.

sorry for any tangents here. just wanted to make some points for all of you.

Smick, I agree with most of what you said. All of those things would be great, if we lived in an ideal world without lawyers.

Here’s one problem I have personally encountered with not licensing commercial use: at least in the US, commercial use has more power than private ownership. Without licensing, someone’s work can be used in a trademarked, copyrighted project and the copyright is no longer the property of the original creator. This can all happen without payment, credit, and with a company outright legally using using the work.

I had this happen with a painting that was plagiarized for a T-shirt. This painting was photographed at a gallery and the photograph used to make the T-shirt. By the time I caught on to what had happened, the company had legally copyrighted my painting for their use. Legally, I could no longer reproduce images of my own painting (that was even still in my possession), and I was barred from making any money from that same work.

The company had made quite a bit of money from the image, and could afford a large legal firm. I made nothing from the painting, and could only afford a single lawyer. You can guess how it turned out.

This is not unusual. It is now regularly upheld by courts that if you don’t legally protect your work, others can acquire the copyright and even bar you from using the same things you created.

It’s a great idea to let everyone use all creative works for free, but until I live in a society that ensures my use from my own creative works I will have to rely upon existing copyright laws and commercial licensing.

It would also be great if I lived in a society that valued my creative contributions, perhaps by giving me health care or ensuring I won’t live in a cardboard box if I don’t have any money. Instead I live in a market society that insists I must pay for even the most basic human needs (like potable water), so I must make money so that I can pay for at least the minimum of what is required to sustain my life and that of my family. Because the method in which I make money is from my creative work, I must ensure that I get paid for that same creative work. I don’t do this to get rich, I do this so I have somewhere to live… and food to eat… and to pay the student loans… and to drink water… and electricity… and the web servers people download my models from… and…

I truly wish that I could afford to live in the world you have suggested in your post.

i think you simpily have to accept that you have no control.
if people are going to steal and take credit their is nothing you can do.

but this seems to be somthing you are interested in doing (making models avaliable) and is a real help to people. you could offer some models for free, then some that people have to pay for. ask that they give you creidt for both, but accept you will get burned somtimes.

but you will be making money for doing somthing you love, and you will get credit some of the time, and you will be helping a lot of people who are looking for some models. i think this is about a fair of a trade as you can expect.

and if you become popular enough doing it, then it could become profitable to you, especially if you team up with other modelers and create a huge site with lots of models for download, blender, maya, and other softwares. go for it dude!

akator, definitely I am sorry for what happened with the painting incident. That is one of the most abusive things I can think of to happen with a creative work.

In cases like that I would definitely publish the company information who did that to you. Write out the story. You also have options outside the courts to press them. The power of information is all you have left legally at that point. If the case went through the courts, and you didn’t settle with some sort of gag order, you should publish all of it, and the more popular you get, the less popular they will get, with their sleezy tactics and greedy mindset.

This doesn’t make up for it, But I will say that I see you going up and up, your work is excellent. you are obviously a great person, giving and considerate, and extremely intelligent. The top of your game at 3D for sure.

We really do appreciate and respect that you’ve offered your models for download. Not because we are a bunch of leeches who want to steal your work and make it our own, but because it’s a good thing to be a teacher to people, when you are good at your craft.

all I can say on that matter.