How Small is an Atom?

WOW really nice animation and besides very educational!


Thanks! It was hard to figure out how to explain something like this. I’m going to try something a little easier next time…

Wow, thats an intense amount of work! Congratulations. It takes me back to school science class.

Is it Blender internal rendered or Cycles? I really like the bacteruia, virus and dna. Do you have any background on how you generated their surfaces and shapes?

This rendered with the Cycles rendering engine.

As far as the Bacteria, Virus, and DNA - I used a sub-surf modifier with all of them.
The Bacteria was just a stretched out cylinder. The Virus was a sphere and then I extruded out several faces to get the arms that poke out. And DNA was the screw modifier and then an array modifier for the middle rungs. Super fun to make!

For the materials I relied on a voronoi and noise texture for the displacement. Then a Diffuse shader mixed with an Emission shader - a layer weight was used as the factor input to the mix shader. This made it so it was light around the edges and diffuse towards the middle.

Here is the bacteria material:

Thats great! Thanks very much for sharing. Please have a look at my sketchbook for all the blends I make for work etc.