How Soon Until 2.5 API is Stabilized?

Hi All,

I have a couple of completed 2.49 scripts that I think would be great additions for the Blender community.


I am just wonder how soon until the Blender 2.5 API is stable enough to code against?

I still see the RED warning on recently downloaded builds that tell me that if I write code today it may not work tomorrow. I have already experienced the wasted time of developing 2.5 python code only to find it broken when I download the next build.

Is there an ETA or projected completion date for the API?

API could take at least another year before 99 % is done

so take your time

but in any case usually it’s not a major change only minor things here and there
but agreed it’s bothering a bit

don’t forget render branch Bmesh and New Nurbs tools are not included yet !

so we got to wait till it’s done !


mh not sure about that but Yafaray and VRay are active right now bringing their exporters out in the next days/weeks.

Other than a big renaming of properties planned for the (near?) future I think most changes should be relatively minor where you would probably just have to figure out what the new way to register a script is or something along those lines.

I also think the next beta has a goal of a (mostly) stable api.

After the renaming hopefully all the changes will be just missing functionality being added and an eventual phase of working on the external renderer api since I don’t believe that’s one of the goals for the stable release.

Or so I’ve been able to gather from various sources.

by the way is there a site with a summary fo API changes cause
it’s difficult to follow all changes

so would be good at least to have one place to go and see what’s been change with dates and version ect…


Start from here, (click on the word [Date], but it isn’t so easy understand what is changed.


In the production notes(here):

Campbell worked with Brecht and Luca on more consistent naming for rna properties. This will break scripts, so it has to be done a.s.a.p.

So hopefully things will be more stable after that?

Maybe it could be an idear to write up a script to convert other script into the new API, by simply doing some find & replace on naming changes and inform line by line on variable changes.

That way all changes could go into that script, and it would be much easier for people to update their scripts.

Would that be possible?

Campbell wrote a script to rename all the properties that may do this already, honestly don’t know.

Probably wouldn’t be too hard to get it to change the names in any old arbitrary file if it doesn’t though.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll wait for the renaming of properties to be completed.

Campbell wrote a script to rename all the properties that may do this already, honestly don’t know.

If such a script exists, why isn’t it a sticky in Python & Plugins? :slight_smile:

Two reasons I can think of…

  • I’m not even sure that the script does what I claim it does
  • It’s already sitting in SVN as sort of an overt threat that someday it will be used to break everyone’s scripts

All I really know is there is a .txt file with all the proposed name changes and a python file named that I’m guessing is going to be used to merge the changes.

Atom, I actually wrote a 2.5 script (the cloud generator) a couple of months ago, and it literally broke every couple of days for about three weeks, then… nothing. I literally haven’t changed it in three months and it hasn’t broken. The thing I really like is my script is now checked in as an add on and is in SVN (thanks Mindrones!) and now the developers can fix my script for me when they make an API change. If you talk with Mindrones/beta androcto on IRC he can take care of you I’m sure. Also my script is included with blender so I don’t have to reinstall it every time I get it down from graphicall. It really has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Getting a bit closer(I think?):

Developers Meeting minutes, Sunday 15th august, 2010

RNA names (variable names) for UI and scripts will get a better consistency, as already been worked on by Campbell, Brecht and Luca. Campbell will make Wednesday a final patch & proposal, Friday it can be applied (after review).


Campbell:Of 4605 names 1471 have changed…